LGBTQ Community

We believe that leaders come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them perspectives that have been shaped by their own unique personal and professional experiences. Students who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender bring with them a valuable point of view to contribute to the community.


Our small size strategically positions us to address individual student needs. We believe the diversity of our student body is crucial to making our program as strong and collaborative as it is today. We draw our strength from the differences of our students, and we work to build common ground. People come from every imaginable background, blending cultures, ambitions and life experience, all while working toward a common goal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be out in my application essays?

As with all candidates, the information you include in your application essays is a personal choice. One of our primary objectives is to get to know you better and evaluate how you will contribute to the Tepper School community. If you are comfortable sharing this information with the Tepper School’s Admissions Committee and you feel that your experience as an LGBT individual will help demonstrate your candidacy for business school, we would appreciate hearing your story.  Also, mentioning your participation in LGBT-related clubs and organizations can help show that you are engaged in your community, another attribute we look for in MBA candidates.


What about partners?

Partners are a very important part of the Tepper School community. We welcome partners to participate in any school activity open to significant others. Also, partners can find an important community and network of their own in the Tepper Partners Club.


What does Out&Allied do?

Out&Allied provides a supportive environment to enhance the social, academic, and career experiences of current and prospective lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students, allies, and partners at the Tepper School of Business. Out&Allied gives forum for students to voice career concerns as it relates to the work place understanding and acceptance of LGBT individuals. Out&Allied provides this support on campus by promoting respect for the diversity at the Tepper School and the value this diversity lends to our education and future work places. We aim to link the social and professional network of the LGBT Tepper community to similar groups from other business schools and facilitate dialog with employers who value a diverse workplace.


Can I be put in contact with a LGBT student or alum?

Certainly. The tight-knit community at the Tepper School is best appreciated upon meeting and talking to our current students. They are not only our best ambassadors, but they are a great resource to find out what it will be like to be a student, to live in Pittsburgh, and to have other questions about the program and culture answered straight-forwardly.


A current student that might be helpful to you is Brigid Johnson, VP of Admissions and Communications for the Out & Allied Club.  If you are interested in speaking with an alum, please contact Marissa Fang.


For additional information, please contact the Tepper Masters Admissions Office


Should I be out in recruiting?

Like many aspects of the search for employment, that is up to the individual student. In our experience, being out has not negatively impacted students at the Tepper School. Each student is encouraged to understand what is important to them on all dimensions, and in exploring career opportunities, to seek employers who are a good match for them personally.


What if I don't want to be out?

Although we are able to provide you with a supportive network to discuss personal and professional matters, you certainly do not have to be out at the Tepper School, if you would prefer. This is your personal choice, and we are here to offer you our support, if you should need it.


Does the University have a nondiscrimination policy which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity?

Yes. For more information, please read Carnegie Mellon University's Statement of Assurance.


Reaching Out MBA conference

Reaching Out is the annual conference of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) graduate business school students. Each year 1,000 students, business leaders, and recruiters gather in mid-October at a given host location. The Tepper School sends several students to the conference each year to participate. Students also typically attend the Leadership summit the spring in Chicago, which is a weekend of leadership development, networking and skill-sharing with fellow LGBT leaders from the leading MBA programs across the nation.

Student Clubs


Out&Allied aims to provide a supportive environment to enhance the social, academic and career experiences of current and prospective LGBT students, allies, and partners at the Tepper School, establish relationships and foster dialogue with employers and alumni who value a diverse workplace, equip future business leaders to be advocates in the workplace, and link the social and professional network of Out&Allied to similar groups from other business schools and the greater community. 


Diversity Weekend

Each year, the Tepper School invites MBA candidates to visit and experience our unique environment first-hand at Diversity Weekend.  Diversity Weekend at the Tepper School of Business is designed to help increase the representation of diverse students at the Tepper School and ultimately in global leadership roles. The weekend is hosted by:

  • Tepper Women in Business
  • Black Business Association
  • Latin American Business Association
  • Out&Allied club
  • Masters Admissions office

During this weekend event, Tepper School representatives will highlight the value of the MBA, strengths of our program and showcase the differences and advantages of our community, program and global alumni network. We'll also share tips on the MBA application process and financing your MBA.



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