Women at the Tepper School

Women MBAs are good for business. At the Tepper School, we support the advancement of women through flexible program options, partnerships with nationally recognized organizations, and a custom student experience.

No two women arrive at the Tepper School via the same path; we believe that women do not have to trade a highly ranked education for flexibility in their career and lives.

Your Tepper School MBA opens doors that lead to options. You will graduate with the flexibility to choose among multiple jobs and industries. You will have the advantage of a degree with durability, in which your skills will outlast those of your peers. And, most importantly, you will have the ability to choose your own path forward in the business world.

Learn more about the leadership opportunities for women at the Tepper School and hear from current women MBA students by reading below.

Student Clubs & Leadership Opportunities for Women MBAs

Tepper Women in Business

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The Tepper Women In Business (TWIB) club provides professional development, career-networking opportunities and educational workshops for their members. TWIB also coordinates social activities and mentoring to create a supportive environment for women to thrive in. Our overall mission is designed to help women in business increase their confidence, skills and knowledge to become successful business leaders.

TWIB accomplishes its mission through professional relationship building, social engagement, support, education and empowerment.


Women Leaders at Tepper

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Lilian Ngobi

MBA Class of 2017
President, Black Business Association
VP of Professional Development, Tepper Women in Business

Perspective from a Woman MBA at Tepper:

"Before I applied to business school, Tepper’s Executive Director of Diversity Initiatives introduced me to many partner organizations, including the Forte Foundation and the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, which helped me to grow my network tremendously. As for the curriculum, much of the courses are case-based, and faculty make it a point to demonstrate how diversity lends itself to business success. I also make it a point to participate in the programming developed by other students to expose myself to new ideas.

I am the president of the Black Business Association and one of the vice presidents for Tepper Women in Business. I am also a Forte Fellow, a Management Leadership for Tomorrow Fellow and a Consortium Fellow. I participated in all three organizations’ pre-MBA programs, which helped me to be thoughtful about my career aspirations. I cannot speak more highly of these organizations."

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Stephanie Moore

MBA Class of 2017
VP of Social Events, Tepper Women in Business
VP of Initiatives, Marketing Club

Perspective from a Woman MBA at Tepper:

“The Tepper School does a great job of partnering teams to enable people with different ways of thinking to learn from each other. I’ve been so lucky to learn from my classmates; the clubs at Tepper allow students to learn about and participate in various traditions and customs. To truly have diversity, the environment must be welcoming and embrace different types of thinking and ways of life. Tepper does that.

I’m involved in both academic and social clubs, and have leadership roles with Tepper Women in Business and Marketing. I also attended the Forte Foundation conference, which was a great opportunity to network with potential employers and get to know my classmates.”

MBA Partnerships & Organizations for Women

Forté Foundation

Life-at-Tepper-Women-in-Business-2-170x158 jpgAs part of a select group of schools and corporations, we are working in concert with the Forté Foundation, a consortium of major corporations, top business schools and influential nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to substantially increasing the number of women in business.

The mission of the Forté Foundation is to substantially increase the number of women business leaders by increasing the flow of women into key educational gateways and business networks. The Forté Foundation was founded in 2001 following a landmark study questioning why fewer women attend schools of business than schools of medicine or law.

Exceptional women candidates of all national origins who have been admitted to the Tepper School are eligible for a Forté Fellowship. Strong candidates for the fellowship demonstrate academic, team, professional or community leadership and can articulate alignment with the mission of the Forté Foundation by demonstrating a commitment to women and girls. As with all merit-based scholarships at the Tepper School, no additional application is required to be considered for a Forté Fellowship. In addition to financial benefits, fellows also gain exposure to leading companies in the Forté network and an immediate network of fellows at other leading business schools.

Discover Upcoming Events and More

Women at Tepper Visit Days

Each year, the Tepper School hosts specific visit days for promising female applicants to the Tepper School. In addition to the regular campus visit schedule, women are connected with faculty, staff, students and Tepper Women in Business club members to fully experience our community.

Tepper Women MBAs in the News

Two Tepper MBAs — Onyi Okeh and Carolina Gabbai — share their perspective on the balancing act of cultivating their professional success and raising young children in "Balancing Act: MBA and Motherhood."

Hear from Other Tepper Women MBAs

An entrepreneur, educator, accountant, and several engineers: women who earn their MBAs from the Tepper School come from a multitude of different backgrounds, educational levels and experiences.

Kate Ansari    
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Kate Ansari, Part-Time Online Hybrid MBA ’17, had a successful career in broadcast journalism when she decided to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and launch her own company. A full-time mom, the Part-Time Online Hybrid program enables Kate to wear both CEO and mom hats while pursuing her MBA. 

Meet Kate >

Colleen Boyle    
Colleen-Boyle-170x158 jpg  

Colleen Boyle, Full-Time MBA '17, is a lifelong learner and a passionate educator. Her background in education taught her to see the value of applying data, which led her to the Tepper School to broaden her experience and pursue a career that focuses on organizational behavior. 

Meet Colleen >

Adrienne Chan    
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Adrienne Chan, Part-Time On-Campus MBA '17, was working full-time when she decided to start looking for more growth opportunities. The Part-Time On-Campus MBA program has enabled Adrienne to continue working full-time in Pittsburgh while pursuing her MBA.

Meet Adrienne >

Mathangi Ramesh    
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Mathangi Ramesh, Full-Time MBA '17, has always excelled in the realm of Information Technology, and possesses well-developed quantitative skills. Mathangi came to the Tepper School because she knew that she needed to learn more about the business of information technology, in order to deliver more value to her clients.

Meet Mathangi >

Laura Stearns    
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Laura Stearns, Part-Time Online Hybrid MBA '18, wanted to expand her background in industrial engineering and found that the Tepper School offered the right combination of flexibility and concentration areas.

Meet Laura >