Student Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs are excellent vehicles for companies to learn more about our students and programs.
The Tepper School of Business offers many different graduate student clubs for all interests, both professionally and socially. There are three types of clubs at the Tepper School: professional, educational and social. Please contact club representatives directly for more information.

Professional Student Clubs

Alpha Club

The Alpha Club is dedicated exclusively to investment management. We serve the needs of students who are interested in pursuing careers in the field of asset management, as well as others in the Tepper community who are simply interested in becoming better informed investors. Our mission is to bridge the gap between lessons learned in Tepper’s rigorous academic curriculum and the real world management of investment portfolios. For more information, email John Streppa at

BioPharma and Healthcare Club

The BioPharma and Healthcare Club promotes involvement and leadership in business across all functional areas along the value chain of healthcare. The club also seeks to create an engaged community of students interested in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and related healthcare fields, and aims to connect students with companies and experts, facilitate networking opportunities, and provide targeted professional development opportunities. For more information, email Jared Worful at

Business and Technology Club

The Business and Technology Club is a professional club focused on exposing members to career opportunities in technology functions and industries. Our goal is to develop future industry leaders by engaging with technology experts, exploring the impact of emerging technologies, facilitating business case competitions, and networking with leading professionals at the most innovative companies in the world. We are the primary club for all recruiting, case competitions, treks, and other events with technology, e-commerce, media, and entertainment companies at the Tepper School. For more information, email the the club at

Consulting Club

The Consulting Club’s mission is to educate, connect and empower students at the Tepper School of Business to succeed in both internal and external consulting careers. Through a combination of workshops, seminars, and one-on-one mentoring, the club transforms its members into effective and sought-after consultants. For more information, email Amita Kalra at

Energy Club

The Tepper Energy Club (TEC) is a student-run professional organization dedicated to developing the Tepper School community's knowledge of the energy industry. The TEC provides both learning and networking opportunities through a variety of forums emphasizing preparation for the diversity of careers available in the energy sector. For more information, email

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club

The Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club (EVC) at the Tepper School of Business is a student-run organization dedicated to building an environment at Carnegie Mellon University that creates and cultivates new business ventures. Our goal is to augment the Tepper School academic experience by creating entrepreneurial and venture capital opportunities for students. For more information, email Will Lutz, president, at

Graduate Finance Association

The Graduate Finance Association (GFA) is the largest professional organization at the Tepper School of Business. We help to develop the future leaders of the finance and investment profession by providing comprehensive mentoring, networking and education to the MBA and MSCF programs. For more information, email club president Jay Wong at

International Business & Advisory Club (IBAC)

We develop leaders for tomorrow’s global business environment by providing a better understanding of differences in cultural values, effects of global demographic and socioeconomic changes and variations in global regulations. We aim to achieve this through interactions with speakers and experts, advisory engagements with international organizations and guidance on careers in international business and development. For more information, email Prashanth Nataraj at

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club improves marketing knowledge by providing an overview of marketing basics and allowing members to utilize this knowledge through a variety of events. Students in this club develop relationships with Tepper School marketing faculty and business leaders through meetings and other events. For more information, email Vishal Sandhu at

Operations Management Club

Our mission is to grow our members into the next generation of global leaders by providing access to the world of operations through education, career and networking opportunities. Events range from the case competitions, speaker series, and company tours, to training seminars and lunch and learn sessions. For more information, email Jonathan Hsiung at

Tepper Sports Business Club

The Tepper Sports Business Club serves Tepper School MBA students who are pursuing a career in the sports and athletics industry. Our mission is to assist all members regardless of their specific interests within the industry, such as data analytics for professional teams, league operations, athletic retail, sports marketing and finance, and innovative athletic technologies. For more information, email Adam Hayes at

Educational Student Clubs

African Business Collective

The African Business Collective (ABC) is a cross-functional forum for students interested in learning more about and contributing to the dialog on economic development, market potential, entrepreneurship and business on the African continent. Our mission is to disseminate knowledge on African culture, business landscape, policy and economic development. For more information, email Olu Ajala at

Asian Business Association

The Asian Business Association (ABA) is a student-run organization that aims to strengthen and unify the Asian and Asian-American presence at the Tepper School. We welcome students of all ethnic backgrounds to gain insight into the issues and challenges that affect Asia, and anyone who aspires to have a career in Asia as well. For more information, email Changhua Hseih at


BizCom (formerly known as the Tepper Public Speaking Club) is designed to prepare MBA students for the realities of the business world by developing essential presentation and speaking skills. For more information, email Mayanka Sumanth at

Black Business Association

The Black Business Association (BBA) is dedicated to the academic, professional and personal development of its members. The organization supports the recruitment of diverse students to the Tepper School and welcomes all Carnegie Mellon students that support our goals. Our mission is to promote the advancement of all BBA members through the provision of quality resources that foster the successful progression from student members to highly effective Tepper School alumni. For more information, email Carrie Thomas at

Graduate Business Association

The Graduate Business Association (GBA) is the Tepper School's student government. Consisting of eleven Full-Time MBA and seven Part-Time MBA elected officers, the GBA plays a pivotal role in the Tepper School community by acting as the “voice” for the collective student body. The GBA communicates daily with Tepper School staff and students and is dedicated to making a positive impact. From enhancing academics to improving facilities to planning events, the GBA works hard to make your experience at the Tepper School as fulfilling as possible. For more information, contact Alex Brown, president, at

Latin American Business Club

The mission of the Latin American Business Club (LABC) is to promote the Latin American culture to the Tepper School community by presenting its members with the regional Latin American events that Pittsburgh offers; providing access for both U.S. and international students interested in learning about professional and academic opportunities in Latin American countries; growing club members’ network by communicating with alumni and Latin American leaders; and seeking opportunities to develop community service and volunteer programs for members in Latin America. For more information, contact Miguel Martinez Alanis at

Net Impact

The Net Impact chapter at the Tepper School has a mission to promote the education and understanding of business ethics and corporate sustainability and responsibility among MBA students and other interested graduate students at Carnegie Mellon. Net Impact’s mission is to make a positive impact on society by growing and strengthening a community of new leaders who use business to improve the world. For more information, email Linh Thi Do at

Organizational Leadership Club

The Organizational Leadership Club educates Tepper School students to be competent and confident leaders capable of inspiring excellence that permeates organizations and communities. Our mission is to provide students with experiential leadership opportunities, access to industry leaders to discuss leadership principles, and opportunities to explore leadership theories and current trends in management. For more information, email Nina Patel at


Out&Allies aims to: provide a supportive environment to enhance the social, academic and career experiences of current and prospective LGBT students, allies and partners at the Tepper School; establish relationships and foster dialogue with employers and alumni who value a diverse workplace; equip future business leaders to be advocates in the workplace; and link the social and professional network of Out&Allied to similar groups from other business schools and the greater community. For more information, email LaShaina Shakes at

South Asian Business Association

The South Asian Business Association (SABA) is a student organization founded in 2001. SABA is geared toward supporting students during their time at the Tepper School while building relationships and forming networks that last a lifetime. SABA keeps the spirit of South Asia alive, and hosts festivals such as Holi and Diwali, engaging the entire Tepper School community. Professionally, through the annual India Trek and professional development workshops, SABA facilitates networking with the external business community and creates opportunities for employment in emerging markets. For more information, email Ritwik Verma at

Tepper Women in Business

The Tepper Women In Business (TWIB) club provides professional development, career-networking opportunities and educational workshops for their members. TWIB also coordinates social activities and mentoring to create a supportive environment for women to thrive in. Our overall mission is designed to help women in business increase their confidence, skills and knowledge to become successful business leaders. For more information, email Daphna Barzillai at

Social Student Clubs

Basketball Club

The purpose of the Tepper School Basketball Club is to strengthen the school’s athletic fortitude via competitive basketball games. Through this process our goal is to aid in broadening the number of students who enjoy both organized and recreational basketball, and increase the camaraderie between all students. For more information, email Greg Mazares at


The Brewmeisters provides the Tepper community with a forum to explore, appreciate and brew beer. Members gather to brew beer, attend tastings and visit local breweries. Membership is open to all Tepper Students, Alumni, and their partners. For more information, email Kevin Manley at

Christian Business Association

The club is meant to serve the Tepper community as the nexus where Christianity and Business interact.  The club provides opportunities for fellowship with Christian students and faculty, discussion on challenging topics for Christians in the business world, and networking with Christians in the business community. Membership benefits include: belonging to a community of believers focused on building one another up and supporting each other through the transitions and rigors of business school; opportunities to network with Christians throughout the business world, including students at other business schools, Tepper School alumni and other business leaders; and chances to participate service events for the local community, such as clothing drives for the veterans, food drives with the local food bank and Christmas caroling in the local community. For more information, email Tyler Deschamps, president, at

Culinary Club

Food is a common language at the Tepper School. The Culinary Club’s mission is to provide a forum to bring people together through food. For more information, email  Monique Hutcherson at

Endurance Club

The Endurance Club promotes the health of all Tepper School students, partners, professors and alumni through an environment of training and competition in running, biking, swimming, hiking or any distance sport. You will often see a group of us running in Schenley Park or riding our bikes around the city. We educate and inform each other of training and racing techniques, have fun while participating in race events and volunteer for local multi-sport events as a way of giving back to the community. For more information, email Arjun Gopalratnam at

Golf Club

In the world of business the ability to confidently approach a round of golf can prove to be quite valuable as a networking tool. The club aims to educate new players about the game play and etiquette; provide additional opportunities for students to golf; and organize activities that will allow members to network with fellow students, alumni, faculty and employers. For more information, email Martin DeZell at

Military Veterans Association

The Military Veterans Association (MVA) seeks to help veterans and members of all military organizations in their transition to the civilian sector. Our members come from both the officer and enlisted ranks from all branches of the military in active duty and reserve service. Our objectives are to work with the Admissions staff to inform and assist qualified candidates from all armed forces in the application process; to provide a social support community at Carnegie Mellon; to strengthen the skills, knowledge and networks essential to a successful transition into the business world through events with corporations and alumni; and to continue the traditions of Leadership, Honor, Respect and Duty by serving as role models in the community. For more information, email Josh Arthur at

Poker Club

The Tepper School Poker Club strives to educate club members through tutorials, a Las Vegas trek and live poker games. Poker tournaments are organized throughout the year for club members and for the Tepper School community in an effort to provide a learning environment. The club participates in the annual MBA Poker Championship in Las Vegas, providing networking opportunities with other MBA students, alumni and recruiters. For more information, email Ethan Meyers at

Robber Barons

The Robber Barons is a satirical weekly publication made to serve the Tepper Community. Robber Barons is an open-source publication written by and for Tepper students, faculty and partners. All students are welcome to leave their legacy by submitting their works of pure genius. For more information, email Ritwik Verma at

Soccer Club

The Tepper Soccer Club (TSC) was formed in 2006 with the intention of organizing the strong soccer community at the Tepper School of Business. The TSC is co-ed and includes varying skill and interest levels, and is not only limited to players. For more information, email Stefan Boyd at

Tepper Cares

The mission of Tepper Cares is to sustain the relationship between the Tepper School and the nonprofit community of Pittsburgh, and to make measurable impacts toward the success of nonprofits in Pittsburgh. Tepper Cares strives to facilitate and enhance current students' experiences by providing opportunities to participate in volunteer programs and opportunities to become social leaders who change the world. Tepper Cares is open to the entire Tepper Community, and there is no membership fee or requirements for participation. For more information, email

Tepper Partners Club

The Tepper Partners Club aims to provide support for all partners of Tepper School students by offering organized events and meetings. Our goal is to ensure all partners are situated in Pittsburgh and have the proper resources to succeed in both professional and personal settings. We also provide the Tepper School community with social events for students and partners to bond and network. For more information, email Kelsey Arena at

Volleyball Club

The Volleyball Club provides students an avenue to take a break from class and stay active by playing a team sport that is both fun and easy to learn. We welcome players of all skill levels, ranging from former student athletes and professionals to those who have always wanted to play but never have. For more information, email Brian Rishel at

Wine Club

The Wine Club provides the Tepper School community with a forum to explore and appreciate wine through education and tasting experience in a relaxed social setting. Members have the opportunity to attend tastings, visit vineyards and learn about the alcoholic beverage industry as a whole. For more information, email Greg Martin at