Student Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs are excellent vehicles for companies to learn more about our students and programs.

The Tepper School of Business offers many different graduate student clubs for all interests, both professionally and socially. Our professional, educational and social clubs are fully governed by our student government, the Graduate Business Association (GBA).

Consisting of 11 Full-Time MBA and MSCF elected officers, and seven Part-Time MBA elected officers, the GBA plays a pivotal role in the Tepper School community by acting as the voice for the collective graduate student body. The GBA liaises between the student body and Tepper School administration and faculty— including the Dean's Office — and is dedicated to improving the student experience across four main categories: academics, career preparation, community and leadership. From enhancing academics and improving facilities to planning social events, the GBA's objectives are focused on making the student experience at the Tepper School as fulfilling as possible.

For more information, contact Kera Bartlett, president, at

To view more information about each of the Tepper School's graduate student clubs, please click on the links below.

Professional Student Clubs
Educational Student Clubs
Social Student Clubs