Consumer Information

According to regulations, a school must provide certain consumer information for students and procedures for obtaining this information. Students are encouraged to review this information and discuss any questions with the appropriate office as indicated. Consumer information may be found on the university's website.

State Authorizations

Tepper Graduate Student FEDERAL Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Federal financial aid recipients are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress in their course of study for continued eligibility. Students are required to complete 75 percent of their attempted courses each semester, maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average as required by their program of study and complete their program of study within a maximum period of 1.5 times the standard program length. Learn more.

Student Financial Aid Ombudsman

If you have a problem with your federal loans that you believe has not been fully resolved by your lender, servicer or the Tepper School Financial Aid Office, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Ombudsman.