Sponsored Students

Apply for Sponsored Authorization

Sponsored billing occurs when an entity, government or a third party assumes responsibility for all or part of a student’s educational expenses. Sponsors pay the university directly on behalf of the student with an agreement, commitment and/ or obligation between the paying party and the student. Visit the HUB to download the Sponsored Billing Authorization Form and for more information.

Employer Tuition Remission

Students who receive employer tuition remission benefits after completion of coursework may exercise one of the following options for paying their tuition by the due date:

Monthly Payment Plan

Carnegie Mellon University participates in a monthly tuition payment plan through Tuition Management Services. Students pay a small fee to enroll in the plan, which enables the student to make monthly tuition payments, generally over a 10-month period. The plan is available in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Student Loans

Although employer tuition benefits (including those benefits received after completion of coursework) reduce the overall amount a student is eligible to borrow, students may borrow loans to cover living costs and other-education-related costs. Some students who receive tuition reimbursement borrow in the first semester only and subsequently use the employer reimbursement at the end of each semester to pay the upcoming semester’s tuition and then use the final employer reimbursement payment to repay their original loan.