Ph.D. Course Offerings

Welcome to the Tepper School of Business Ph.D. Course Offerings Page.

The Tepper School requires that all non-Tepper School students be registered (for letter grade or audit) for any courses they wish to take. We do not permit sit-ins; all students must be on a course roster.

Carnegie Mellon graduate students should use the Student Information Online (SIO) for registration. When requesting Tepper School courses, please be sure you have the appropriate available units in your schedule. Non-Carnegie Mellon graduate students should complete a PCHE (Cross Registration) form at their home institution to register for a course here. If you encounter any problems while registering for a Tepper School Ph.D. course, or if you have any questions about the courses and the schedule, please email the Ph.D. program.

Not all classes are available for students outside of the Tepper School.

Mini-semester #1

Course Title Number Sec Day(s) Time of Day Room Instructor

Seminar in Finance III (Financial Institutions & Markets)
47-723 A1 Tue-Thu 10:30-12:20 227 C. Spatt
Innovative and Sustainable Operations
47-766 A1 Thurs 1:00-4:50 227 S. Cho
Mathematics for Economists
47-780 A1 Tue-Thu 8:30-10:20 147
S. Boranbay Akan
Microeconomics I
47-800 A1 Mon-Wed 8:30-10:20 147 O. Kesten
Dynamic Competitive Analysis
47-803 A1 Mon-Wed 3:30-5:20 147 S. Spear
Econometrics I
47-811 A1 Tue-Thu 3:30-5:20 147 J. Groeger
Economics of Contracts
47-818 A1 Tue-Thu 1:30-3:20 147 O. Kesten
Linear Programming
47-834 A1 Mon-Wed 1:30-3:20 147 F. Kilinc-Karzan
Graph Theory`
47-835 A1 Tue-Thu 10:30-12:20 147 R. Ravi
Constraint Programming
47-862 A1 Mon-Wed 3:30-5:20 384 W. van Hoeve
Sem. Electricity Market Restruct. I (cross w/19-881)
47-881 A1 Tue-Thu 3:30-5:20 384 J. Apt
Seminar in Organizational Theory (Micro)
47-890 A1 Tue-Thu 10:30-12:20 384 R. Chow
Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences
T. Cohen
Economics of Emerging New Technologies
47-951 A1 Tue-Thu 1:30-3:20 384 T. Mukhopadhyay
Mini-semester #2

Course Title Number Sec Day(s) Time of Day Room Instructor
Accounting & Information Economics I
47-718 A2 Tue-Thu 3:30-5:20 384 J. Stecher
Seminar in Finance IV (Corporate Finance)
47-724 A2 Tue-Thu 10:30-12:20 384 R. Lowery
Analytical Models in Marketing
47-753 A2 Mon-Wed 8:30-10:20 384 K. Zhang
Healthcare Operations
47-762 A2 Mon-Wed 3:30-5:20 384 S. Tayur
Microeconomics II
47-801 A2 Mon-Wed 1:30-3:20 147 S. Spear
Macroeconomics I
47-802 A2 Tue-Thu 8:30-10:20 147 A. Shourideh
Econometrics II
47-812 A2 Mon-Wed 3:30-5:20 147 K. Kang
Advanced Graph Theory
47-836 A2 Tue-Thu 10:30-12:20 147 G. Cornuéjols
Dynamic Programming
47-840 A2 Tue-Thu 3:30-5:20 147 N. Secomandi
Modern Convex Optimization
47-851 A2 Mon-Wed 10:30-12:20 147 J. Pena
Convex Polyhedra
47-861 A2 Tue-Thu 1:30-3:20 147 E. Balas
Seminar in Organizational Theory (Macro)
47-892 A2 Thurs 1:00-4:50
227 O. Hahl
Unstructured Data & Big Data: Acquisition to Analysis
47-956 A2 Tue-Thu 1:30-3:20 384 D. Lee