Ph.D. Course Offerings

Welcome to the Tepper School of Business Ph.D. Course Offerings Page.

The Tepper School requires that all non-Tepper School students be registered (for letter grade or audit) for any courses they wish to take. We do not permit sit-ins; all students must be on a course roster.

Carnegie Mellon graduate students should use the Student Information Online (SIO) for registration. When requesting Tepper School courses, please be sure you have the appropriate available units in your schedule. Non-Carnegie Mellon graduate students should complete a PCHE (Cross Registration) form at their home institution to register for a course here. If you encounter any problems while registering for a Tepper School Ph.D. course, or if you have any questions about the courses and the schedule, please email the Ph.D. program.

Not all classes are available for students outside of the Tepper School.

Mini-semester # 3

Course Title Number Sec Day(s) Time of Day Room Instructor
Accounting & Information Economics II 47-719 A3 Mon-Wed 3:30-5:20 384 A. Sudbury
Empirical Methods for Finance & Accounting 47-720 A3 Tue-Thu 1:30-3:20 384 S. Karolyi
Seminar in Finance I (Finance Theory) 47-721 A3 Mon-Wed 10:30-12:20 147 B. Routledge
Advanced Stochastic Models 47-776 A3 Tue-Thu 3:30-5:20 147 A. Scheller-Wolf
Game Theory and Applications 47-817 A3 Mon-Wed 1:30-3:20 147 O. Kesten
Integer Programming 47-830 A3 Tue-Thu 1:30-3:20 147 E. Balas
Topics in Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming 47-859 A3 Mon 3:30-5:20 147 D. Davarnia
Shared Cognition in Organizations 47-896 A3 Tue-Thu 3:30-5:20 384 A. Woolley
Advanced Economics Analysis I (Structural Models) 47-901 A3 Tue-Thu 10:30-12:20 384 R. Miller
Writing/Persuasive Arguments for Behavioral Science 47-909 A3 Mon-Wed 1:30-3:20 384 L. Argote/O. Hahl
Estimating Dynamic & Structural Models 47-952 A3 Tue 1:00-4:50 227 P. Singh

Mini-semester # 4

Course Title Number Sec Day(s) Time of Day Room Instructor
Topics in Financial Accounting Research 47-715 A4 Tue-Thu 3:30-5:20 384 A. Bird
Seminar in Finance II (Asset Pricing) 47-722 A4 Tue-Thu 10:30-12:20 147 B. Hollifield
Analytical and Structural Marketing Models 47-744 A4 Tue-Thu 10:30-12:20 384 K. Srinivasan
Multivariate Statistics 47-755 A4 Tue-Thu 3:30-5:20 147 A. Montgomery
POM Seminar in Revenue Management 47-763 A4 Mon-Wed 3:30-5:20 384 M. Akan
Computational Methods of Economics 47-805 A4 Mon-Wed 1:30-3:20 147 Y. Kryukov
Advanced Integer Programming 47-831 A4 Tue-Thu 1:30-3:20 147 E. Balas
Seminar in Low-Carbon Electric Power (cross w/19-882) 47-882 A4 Tue-Thu 1:30-3:20 384 J. Apt
Advanced Economic Analysis II (Adv. Econometrics) 47-902 A4 Tue-Thu 8:30-10:20 384 R. Lessem
Advanced Economic Analysis III (Macroeconomics) 47-903 A4 Mon-Wed 10:30-12:20 147 S. Wee
Special Topics in OBT 47-948 A4 Mon-Wed 10:30-12:20 384 M. Fichman