• Marvin Sirbu

      Sirbu, Marvin

      Professor of Engineering and Public Policy; Electrical and Computer Engineering and Joint Appointment at Tepper School of Business

      Email: sirbu@cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-3436

    • Christopher Sleet

      Sleet, Christopher

      Professor of Economics; Head of Economics

      Email: csleet@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-9938

    • Fallaw Sowell

      Sowell, Fallaw

      Associate Professor of Economics

      Email: fs0v@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-3769

    • Stephen Spear

      Spear, Stephen E.

      Professor of Economics

      Email: ss1f@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-8831