• Egon Balas

      Balas, Egon

      University Professor of Industrial Administration and Applied Mathematics, The Thomas Lord Professor of Operations Research

      Email: eb17@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-2285

    • Gérard   Cornuéjols

      Cornuéjols, Gérard P.

      IBM University Professor of Operations Research

      Email: gc0v@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-2284

    • John Hooker

      Hooker, John

      T. Jerome Holleran Professor of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility; Professor of Operations Research

      Email: jh38@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-7589

    • Fatma Kilinc-Karzan

      Kilinc-Karzan, Fatma

      Assistant Professor of Operations Research; BP Junior Faculty Chair, AY 2014-2015

      Email: fkilinc@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-9198

    • Francois Margot

      Margot, Francois

      Professor of Operations Research

      Email: fmargot@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-7586

    • Javier Pena

      Pena, Javier F.

      Bajaj Family Chair in Operations Research

      Email: jfp@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-5799

    • R. Ravi

      Ravi, R.

      Andris A. Zoltners Professor of Business; Rohet Tolani Distinguished Professor; Professor of Operations Research and Computer Science; Chair, Future Educational Delivery Committee

      Email: ravi@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-3694

    • Michael Trick

      Trick, Michael A.

      Harry B. and James H. Higgins Professor of Operations Research; Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Research

      Email: trick@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-3697

    • Willem-Jan Van Hoeve

      Van Hoeve, Willem-Jan

      Associate Professor of Operations Research

      Email: vanhoeve@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-9655