Course List

Undergraduate Business Course List

Listing of courses offered to Undergraduate Business students at the Tepper School of Business.

    • 70345 Business Presentations

      In this course, students prepare, present, discuss, and critique the different oral presentations currently practiced in business. Topics include developing verbal and physical presence; planning presentations based on audience needs and expectations; projecting personal credibility, professionalism... Read More
    • 70347 Publishing Management in the Information Age

      In this course, the publishing industry is studied from a variety of perspectives, but, primarily, with reference to the changes that have been caused by the phenomenon referred to as the information age. The information age is characterized by the ability of individuals to transfer information free... Read More
    • 70348 Cross-Cultural Business Communication

    • 70349 Color Reproduction and Management

      Today, we are bombarded by color media in many forms. In the competitive advertising world, the accurate reproduction of color in various media is both a challenge and a necessity. This course examines topics related to the use of color and its reproduction in a variety of media, including photograp... Read More
    • 70350 Acting for Business

      Acting for Business (formerly entitled "Business Acting") is an opportunity to unlock your potential as a communicator through becoming proficient, thorough and masterful at the principles and through a practical interpretation of the techniques of Acting. The course concerns itself with: a new self... Read More
    • 70353 Economic Foundations of Regulation: Applications to Financial Markets

      The financial crisis has focused attention on the role of regulation for our financial system and the broader economy. The course will address the foundations of regulation (why regulate?) from various perspectives within the context of a market economy, highlighting the sources of market failure (s... Read More
    • 70364 Business Law

      The external political, social and legal environment of the firm and its managers. Legal and regulatory matters, United States and multinational, will be considered, including restrictive trade practices laws and regulations, acquisitions and mergers, licensing, franchising, officers' and directors'... Read More
    • 70365 International Trade and International Law

      The course discusses the international legal system and laws that affect international trade. It covers the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, treaties and concessions, shipping and customs, appointment of foreign sales agents, resolution of trade disputes, international mergers and joint ventures, inte... Read More
    • 70366 Intellectual Property and e-commerce

      The course is intended to instruct students on the creation of the Internet and the World Wide Web, including the creation of the Domain Naming System. The course will provide an understanding of how the WWW "Web" operates (from its creation to the present), how the laws of various countries in... Read More
    • 70371 Operations Management

      This course is an introduction to production and operations management that covers both manufacturing and services. It deals with strategic issues (design of flexible supply), planning issues (capacity management), and operational issues (inventory management and information). The linkage between st... Read More
    • 70374 Data Mining and Business Analytics

      Interest in big data analytics has skyrocketed recently. The recent explosion in large-scale high-resolution data enables managers to ask and answer questions regarding businesses and consumers at a whole new level. Managers are faced with data about businesses and consumers that are growing faster ... Read More
    • 70376 Energy Systems

      This course will provide students with an understanding of the systems and markets that provide energy to businesses and consumers. Students will be introduced to the sources and uses of energy, and how they have evolved and the possible paths over which they may evolve in the next decades. The cour... Read More
    • 70381 Marketing

      An introduction to the nature and fundamentals of marketing and consumer behavior. Topics include an analysis of the economic and psychological factors influencing buyer behavior, marketing research, market segmentation, and the development of marketing programs (new product, price, advertising and ... Read More
    • 70385 Consumer Behavior

      Marketing, in particular, begins and ends with the consumer   from determining consumer needs to ensuring customer satisfaction. In this course, we will explore the most recent scientific research in marketing, psychology, and behavioral economics on judgment and decision-making. We will develo... Read More
    • 70391 Finance

      Firms create value by making good investment decisions. Finance is the field of management science tasked with making this happen. It is a set of tools with which firms identify good investments and decide how to pay for them. Paying for them ultimately involves getting money from households. Theref... Read More
    • 70393 Open Innovation

    • 70395 Funding Entrepreneurial Ventures

      So you want to do a startup and you know that you need funding. There are multiple ways to fund a new venture: bootstrapping, economic development, angels, venture capitalists. The question is what are these funders looking for in an early stage investment? What is important to them? How do they dec... Read More
    • 70397 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance

    • 70398 International Finance

      International Finance is an elective course designed to give students the opportunity to analyze real-world problems in international capital markets. Topics covered include: exchange rate determination and quoting, international parity relations, foreign exchange hedging strategies using forwards a... Read More
    • 70401 Management Game

      This course is designed to integrate the managerial concepts and techniques studied earlier in the curriculum and to focus on elements of organizational structure and behavior. Student teams assume the role of top management of firms competing in an international economy simulated by the Carnegie Me... Read More