Course List

Undergraduate Business Course List

Listing of courses offered to Undergraduate Business students at the Tepper School of Business.

    • 70449 Social, Economic & Information Networks

      Interaction is a fundamental part of social science: firms market products to consumers, people share opinions and information with their friends, workers collaborate on projects, agents form alliances and coalitions. In this course, we will use the emerging field of social networks to put structure... Read More
    • 70451 Management Information Systems

      The objectives of this course are to provide students with basic knowledge of the technology used in computer-based information systems and to enable them to acquire the skills for analyzing how to manage this technology in business. There is a strong emphasis on how to become both an intelligent us... Read More
    • 70453 Business Technology for Consulting

      This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of how to develop and implement computer-based management information systems. Students will be introduced to a variety of system development concepts and techniques. These can include traditional approaches such as top-down or s... Read More
    • 70455 Modern Data Management

      The objective of this course is to learn how to manage data for making critical business decisions. "Data Management" in this course includes both the analysis of various sizes and types of data and their synthesis into fact-based, data-driven recommendations. The course teaches the use of advanced ... Read More
    • 70456 Telecommunications and Network Management

    • 70460 Mathematical Models for Consulting

      This course covers a wide variety of mathematical models and techniques used by consultants and which lie at the heart of much decision-support software. Building on the basic methods from the operations research courses, we will discuss the benefits and limitations of different modeling and solving... Read More
    • 70462 Stochastic Modeling and Simulation

      This hands-on course on computer simulation of business, service, and manufacturing systems (that are subject to uncertainty or risk) takes the perspective of the consultant whose job is to analyze stochastic decision problems by building a simulation model and using it to understand the behavior of... Read More
    • 70465 Technology Strategy

      This course is about business strategy for technology-intensive industries. Examples of such industries are computer hardware and software, media and entertainment, telecommunications and e-commerce. We will explore the unique economic circumstances facing firms in these industries and identify stra... Read More
    • 70471 Supply Chain Management

      During the course we will discuss the basic issues of Supply Chain Management like inventory management, risk pooling, network planning, and supply contracts as well as some of the more concurrent issues. In the face of a globalizing economy we will discuss procurement and outsourcing strategies, gl... Read More
    • 70474 Quality Management and Productivity

      We will first compare and contrast the ideas of various quality "gurus," examining ways to define and measure quality. In most cases, the goal should be to design and maintain a process which is in statistical control, producing with the "best" nominal value, and with a minimum of variation. How to ... Read More
    • 70476 Service Operations Management

      The service sector accounts for approximately 70% of the GDP and 85% of the jobs in the United States. Given the ever-increasing role of services in the economy, it is crucial for a manager to understand both how services differ from manufacturing operations and how traditional operations management... Read More
    • 70480 International Marketing

      This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of global marketing opportunities, key issues, and strategies. It introduces the main characteristics of international markets and addresses the impact of global environmental factors (economic, social, legal, and cultural) on ma... Read More
    • 70481 Marketing Research

      The purpose of this course is to teach multiple research techniques used in marketing. This course is an applied marketing course that gives insight into how various techniques are used in marketing research firms. There are three projects and a final. The first project is designed to teach students... Read More
    • 70482 Pricing Strategy

      Pricing is a critical marketing decision which enables a firm to translate customer value into profit. This course provides a first survey of pricing concepts. Instead of discussing pricing in isolation, we focus on the interplay between pricing and other aspects of marketing, such as positioning, b... Read More
    • 70483 Advertising and Marketing Communications

      This course is designed to help students develop an integrated marketing communications plan to build enduring brand values. Students will work in groups on developing a MarCom plan for a real company. Several marketing managers of the company will come to class, present background information about... Read More
    • 70485 Product and Brand Management

      In this course you will progress through a series of roles, from product assistant to group product manager, that give you the opportunity to experience what is is like to do product and brand management.  Through interactive lectures, case discussions and assignments, you will learn how to con... Read More
    • 70486 Pricing

    • 70487 Customer Managemnt Using Probability Models

    • 70488 Marketing Digital Media

      (Formerly titled "Interactive Marketing") In this course we analyze how marketing practice changes when products are distributed and consumed in digital formats. This course focuses on several areas where digitization is likely to have the most profound affect on the field of marketing. These areas ... Read More
    • 70492 Investment Analysis

      Students build a strong foundation in Modern Portfolio Theory as well as equilibrium and no arbitrage approaches to asset pricing.  Common stocks and fixed income securities (including mortgage-backed securities) are the principal markets of interest, with tangential coverage of forward, option... Read More