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You play an important role in your student’s education, and no doubt want to help them make the best decision about where to attend college.

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Our undergraduate business website has valuable information for both parents and students. The Tepper School offers The Tepper School of Business offers:

Quality of Living

The city of Pittsburgh offers a beautiful, stimulating and safe environment. The city has been named “the most livable city” in the country numerous times, by such publications as, The Economist and the Places Rated Almanac. Pittsburgh truly is a special place with its arts, business, sports and leisure scene, job prospects, safety and affordability.

Academic Excellence

The Tepper School can claim nine Nobel Prize winners who have either taught or studied at the school. This establishes a legacy of academic excellence matched by few business schools. Distinguished faculty attract talented graduate and undergraduate students, and their interactions create a stimulating intellectual environment of the highest level.

The Rankings page on our website shows that the Tepper School ranks in the top ten in five academic categories as determined by U.S. News & World Report.

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