U.S. News & World Report has ranked our program as a top ten undergraduate program for more than twenty years.

This ranking is based upon the opinions of deans and associate deans in other undergraduate programs, and is a testament to the reputation that the Tepper School has with its peers, employers and academic professionals. In the 2015 ranking, the Tepper School is ranked eighth in the nation.

In addition to the overall ranking, our program specialties also are evaluated highly by peer professionals:

  • #2 in Management Information Systems (Business Technology Track)
  • #2 in Production and Operations Management (Manufacturing Management & Consulting Track)
  • #2 in Quantitative Analysis (Finance Track, Manufacturing Management & Consulting Track)
  • #7 in Supply Chain Management (Manufacturing Management & Consulting Track)
  • #9 in Finance (Finance Track)

Businessweek also has consistently ranked our undergraduate program in the top 20. No other school with our enrollment size is ranked as highly as we are. In addition, we are identified by Businessweek as having:

  • Highest average salary of new graduates — for five consecutive years.
  • Top ten in graduates who attend Businessweek top 25 programs for an MBA degree.