The Tepper Experience

Our management development programs are different than you may expect. If you are anticipating a classic business school lecture, we will exceed your expectations.
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Building your organization’s growth and innovation is an ongoing process, requiring attention to underlying factors for your company's ultimate success. Would management benefit from augmented leadership training? Do company executives lack necessary technical skill? Are your firm’s technological solutions growing increasingly out-of-date? Is driving innovation lacking in your corporate culture?

The Tepper Custom Program experience achieves and exceeds far beyond a classic business school lecture. Our flexible learning model will deliver:

  • Leading-edge content: through timely, relevant and audience-appropriate discussion, examples and case studies.
  • Direct and Immediate application: through company-specific projects, scenarios and simulations.
  • Flexible location: We understand that location is key to effective learning, and determine the most appropriate venue – on-site, off-site, on-line, or a combination – for your organization’s specific needs.

Our interaction isn’t limited to learning sessions. Because of Carnegie Mellon’s technology advantage, our faculty easily engages with company representatives and participants before, during and after the program to ensure maximum impact.