Corporate Associate Program

Building Strong Corporate Partnerships
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The Tepper School Corporate Associate Program provides opportunities to enhance your recruiting efforts and meet your organization’s recruiting and partnership goals by building sustainable relationships and increasing your corporate visibility with our students, faculty, and programs.

To learn more about how to become a Tepper School Corporate Associate, please view our Corporate E-Brochure.


Priority Recruiting Access

Corporate Associates have priority access to our students and are the first organizations able to schedule recruiting dates and events before the schedule is open to other companies. Additionally, student professional clubs often look to Corporate Associates to support their club workshops, case competitions and boot camps, providing increased brand awareness and networking opportunities to enhance recruiting efforts.

"It's great to know this interactive approach works with the students. Their feedback helps us remain energized as well. Look forward to working with your team again!"

- Recruiter, Deloitte

Visibility and Recognition

Corporate Associate organizations who invest in student sponsorships or academic research annually ($5,000 - $100,000+) are celebrated and recognized prominently in our hallways on corporate donor boards and plasma screens, in our Admissions and Career Opportunities Center materials and through direct links from the Tepper School website.

We are grateful to our current Corporate Associates for their continued support. 

Student Collaborations

Student collaborations optimize your recruiting visits to campus through targeted club workshops, networking dinners, case competitions and speaking opportunities to educate and inspire students on behalf of your company.

"Loved our participation in the GFA Boot Camp! Definitely keep us in mind for sponsorship 
next year!"

- University Relations Representative, PNC

Faculty Collaborations

Faculty collaborations with industry partners help us to further research agendas and to attract and retain great academic business minds in the areas of finance, operations, marketing, consulting, entrepreneurship and technology. Your company will have access to and can participate in cutting-edge research in these fields.

See the list of our research centers.