Additional Options

While on-campus recruiting is often a company’s most effective approach, there are other successful ways to reach students. If a visit to our campus in Pittsburgh does not accommodate your organization’s needs, please consider these other approaches.
Financial Services Recruiting

Financial Services Recruiting takes place at the Carnegie Mellon University New York Campus:

New York Carnegie Mellon University
MSCF New York City Campus
55 Broad Street, 5th floor (corner of Broad and Beaver Streets)
New York, NY 10004

Twice a year the Career Opportunities Center (COC) leverages our New York City classroom facilities to conduct interviews at the 55 Broad Street location (approximately one block south of the NY Stock Exchange). Given the location, the vast majority of our MBA and MSCF students who are seeking careers in financial services travel to NYC at their own expense to participate in these interviews.

Polycom Video Conferencing

The Tepper School operates Polycom video conferencing equipment. We do not charge a fee; however, please clarify the costs involved to dial in through your technical department. To obtain more information, please contact Lynn Urso, Assistant Director, Recruiting at or 412-268-1311.

Online Resources

In addition to on-campus recruiting, the COC has several suggestions to assist you in filling immediate openings. With our recruiting system, Tepper Symplicity, you have access to:

Job Postings

If you have a position that needs to be posted, please register and post a job at We can promote opportunities directly to students and/or alumni. Interested students will apply by either being directed to your website or an email address you provide.

Resume Books and Profile Searches

MBA and MSCF resume books are located, at no cost, in Tepper Symplicity and we also partner with MBAFocus for those who wish to purchase their service. By accessing either system, you may search online resume books and student profiles to locate candidates to suit your needs.

MSCF resume books, created and maintained by the MSCF program staff, also are available for review by direct download. To access MSCF student resumes, please visit the MSCF Resume Books page.

MSCF student profiles and biographies also are available online by viewing our MSCF Student Gallery.

Alumni Recruiting

In addition to serving Tepper School graduate students, the COC provides lifetime services to alumni. If you have career opportunities for experienced professionals, please register and post a job at Alumni resume books are located in Tepper Symplicity. Alternatively, you may speak with a career counselor at 412-268-2278.

Recruiting Visits

To schedule a recruiting visit or to learn more about additional recruitment options, please contact:

Lynn Urso, Assistant Director, Recruiting
Career Opportunities Center

Phone: 412-268-1311