Corporate Visibility

Corporate Associates

Relationships, alliances and partnerships all nurture a successful organization. The graduate business programs at the Tepper School of Business rely upon long-term relationships with hundreds of corporations and executives for continued success. The Corporate Associates program provides visibility, credibility and alliance to our corporate partners. Our corporate partners sponsor student case competitions as well as various recruiting and networking events that may be targeted toward specific student populations. To learn the benefits of our Corporate Associates Program, please contact Carolyn Hess Abraham at or 412-268-1134.


Management Game

The Management Game course in the MBA program is an applied strategic management exercise in which teams of students act as senior management of manufacturing companies for three simulated years. It is a unique course in that students are primarily evaluated by external professionals who play the role of a board of directors, and by the value that they add to their companies during the exercise. The unstructured nature of the class and the focus on deliverables make the class feel more like an executive position than a classroom experience. Typically students from other universities around the world are mixed into the class via the internet to add an international dimension to the experience. Companies interested in participating as external constituents may contact David Lamont at  or 412-268-7578.

Capstone Courses

These are learning opportunities that provide integrative and team opportunities to solve unstructured and cross-functional business issues. Presentations during the semester and a final client report are the deliverables from the capstone learning experience. Corporate partners are encouraged to participate in the capstone learning process during the last semester of the second year by providing a challenging project. To learn more details about these projects, or to investigate the feasibility of a specific project course for your organization, please call or contact John Mather at or 412-268-3698.

Case Competitions

Tepper School masters students host a number of case competitions throughout the year. Most weekends feature Tepper student teams presenting case solutions to a panel of judges from sponsoring organizations. Recent examples include operations, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and corporate strategy.

Guest Speakers

There are many opportunities for business leaders to participate in the classroom as guest speakers, primarily in the concentration electives of the second year. The concentrations include all functional areas of business, but finance, operations, marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship are the most selected. In addition, panels of experts are often assembled and organized by faculty members for conferences, student club events and special events to which business leaders are invited. To participate in a case competition or consider a role as a guest speaker, please call or contact Carolyn Hess Abraham at or 412-268-1134.