Recruiting Process

Recruiting for Tepper School students is guided by the Career Opportunities Center, where dates for interviews and presentations will be coordinated.

Recruiting Process

Most MBA students complete their degrees each year in mid-May and most MSCF students graduate in December. Although most recruiting is held during our two primary recruiting periods — October through mid-December and mid-January through April — we are flexible and happy to arrange recruiting dates that will accommodate your needs as well as those of our students. Because our school operates on a mini-semester system (seven-week intervals), recruiting is not permitted during final exams.

To get started, please choose a recruiting date and at least two alternate dates by completing the Recruiting Date Request Form. A Career Opportunities Center (COC) representative will follow up to confirm your date. Once your recruiting date has been confirmed, you will receive a form to complete for your recruiting, presentation and/or network night. Next, e-mail your job description to Lynn Urso at at least six weeks prior to the interview date.

Interview Day

The COC is located in within the Tepper School in Posner Hall, Suite 149. View our campus map for more detailed information. Upon arrival, you will be provided with an interview packet that includes your schedule, resumes, Tepper School grade disclosure policy and interview feedback forms. The COC makes its resources available to you throughout the day, including fax machines and telephones. Taxi service to the airport also can be arranged with advance notification. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day, and you are welcome to join COC staff members, faculty members or masters program administrators for an on-campus luncheon.

Grade Policy

The Tepper School of Business does not rank graduating students according to overall grade attainment, although national surveys consistently rank our program as one of the most rigorous in the country. Throughout their education, students are urged to make maximum use of our course offerings by taking heavy schedules rather than selecting nominal schedules in search of high averages. We strongly encourage you to evaluate our students on the basis of the recognized excellence of our curriculum and their individual performance during your interviews.

The following guidelines have been established concerning disclosure of grades during the recruitment process:

  • Resumes sent to employers through the COC (including the Resume Book and pre-screened schedules) will not include Tepper School grade point averages.
  • The COC prohibits employers and students from discussing Tepper School grades during the initial COC-facilitated interview.
  • After the decision for the subsequent interview is made and conveyed, the student is free to provide the recruiter with any pertinent Tepper School grade information (e.g., transcript, GPA).
  • During the resume submission period, recruiters have the option to request that students submit a listing of current and completed coursework (without grade information) along with their resume and cover letter.

If, by strict company policy, you must request information from students concerning their academic performance at the Tepper School during the initial interview, please discuss that requirement with any COC staff member prior to any discussion with individual students. If you have any concerns regarding this policy, please let us know before leaving campus.

Call-Back Visits and Job Offers

Our program is quite rigorous, and students may find it difficult to plan their on-site, second-round interview. Your flexibility in permitting students to schedule visits around classroom commitments is appreciated. Please note that no classes are held on Friday.

In order to provide students sufficient time to explore career options, we have joined with other leading graduate business programs in establishing guidelines for offer deadlines. Employers are strongly encouraged to provide graduating students sufficient time regarding offer acceptance, up until December 15 or three weeks after an offer (whichever is later). Summer internship candidates should be given until March 1 or one week after an offer (whichever is later) before requiring a response.

We recognize that some situations may require a faster response. In these instances, please inform the COC staff of the situation as soon as possible. Any student issue regarding a job offer is handled individually between the COC staff and the employer.

Companies are asked to provide information on offers made, offers accepted and salaries offered to the recruiting manager at This assists us in preparing an accurate employment report at the end of each recruiting year.

Steps For Arranging ON-CAMPUS Interviews

  1. Interview date — Choose a date and at least two alternate dates by completing the Recruiting Date Request Form, or contact the Recruiting Manager at 412-268-1311.
  2. Presentation date — If a presentation date is requested, our office will call to set up a date (normally scheduled at least 30 days prior to the interview date).
  3. Forms and job descriptions — After your OCR date is confirmed, complete the online Campus Recruiting Information Form and email your job descriptions to Lynn Urso at at least six weeks prior to the interview date.
  4. Parking arrangements — Please contact the front desk coordinator at 412-268-2278 or at least three weeks before visiting campus. We want to ensure a smooth arrival. The East Campus Parking Garage on Forbes Avenue opens at 8 a.m.