Summer Internships

Almost all of our full-time first year MBA and MSCF students seek a summer internship. We believe the best way to combine theory with practice is through a business internship. Our first year MBA students are well-equipped with an understanding of the functional areas of marketing, finance, production management, information systems, accounting and human resource management. Our students have also acquired sophisticated analytical decision-making and communication skills, as well as a thorough knowledge of economics and today’s management environment. Additionally, all students have strong basic computer skills and knowledge of many software applications.

Benefits to You

  • Excellent and economical source for completing short-term project assignments.
  • Pre-hire evaluation opportunity that provides an objective viewpoint and in-depth ideas.

Summer Assignments

We recommend that companies provide an assignment that will utilize skills learned during the first year of the MBA or MSCF programs. Projects that interns can complete from initiation to finish, including written and oral presentations, are ideal assignments for students and employers. While the internship is separate from the job recruiting process, with no obligation to make a permanent job offer, many students choose to return to their internship firm when offers are made.

Availability of Students

Internships begin in mid-May and continue through late August. Temporary summer relocation to your area is not an issue, and we suggest that internships be 10 – 12 weeks in length.

Internship Recruiting

To learn more about internship recruiting options, please contact:

Kimberly C. Parker, Recruiting Coordinator
Career Opportunities Center
Phone: 412-268-5783

Lynn Urso, Assistant Director, Recruiting
Career Opportunities Center
Phone: 412-268-1311