Abe Berkley-Vigil graduated from the University of Wisconsin with dual degrees in economics and history. His areas of study included the economics of growth and a senior thesis on post Civil War Reconstruction in the Native American territories of Oklahoma. Abe also received an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. While at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Abe received the Academic Excellence Award, presented to the student who achieved the highest degree of academic excellence. During his MBA studies, the quantitative areas of his asset management and futures and options courses captivated Abe. After graduating, he sought to utilize the knowledge he acquired from his coursework and began a trading portfolio. Models from his courses were used to construct and maintain the portfolio. Abe joined the MSCF program to gain further insights into the areas of quantitative finance and computer programming. Abe is hoping to leverage these insights into a career in asset management or quantitative trading strategies.

Abraham Berkley-Vigil