Satya Prakash Biswal graduated from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela in 2007 with a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, he worked extensively in the software industry, which enriched his programming skills. He worked in a proprietary trading firm where he engaged with strategists and traders, and was responsible for implementing various arbitrage strategies and risk management modules. He was also instrumental in the development of an ultra low latency core trading engine, which executes various algorithmic trading strategies across various market segments. His interest in Capital Markets and Quantitative Finance led him to join the MSCF program, where he hopes to obtain a thorough understanding in Mathematical Finance. He won many programming contests and professional chess competitions during his undergraduate career. Upon graduation from the MSCF program, he wishes to leverage his strong quantitative and programming skills to pursue a career in quantitative investment research or trading.

Satya Biswal