Shuyang (Stefan) Du earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Art in Economics from Wuhan University, where he graduated with honors, in 2015. During his undergraduate study, his econometrics and stochastic processes classes, along with team projects focusing on developing program trading system, triggered his interest in quantitative finance. As a part-time research consultant at WorldQuant, the performance of his alpha ideas ranked 5% in Great China Region. During his internship at a hedge fund in Shanghai as a quantitative strategist, he developed value-based and structured funds arbitrage strategies in which the firm invested 10 million RMB. Shuyang also leveraged his communication skills when he participated in a Business Reengineering Project as an intern in PwC Consulting. By joining the MSCF program, Shuyang intends to further develop his skills to pursue a career in quantitative finance.

Shuyang Du