Wesley Ip completed a joint dual degree program in Mathematics and Business Administration from the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, graduating with Distinction on the Dean’s Honors List. During his undergraduate studies, he majored in actuarial science, statistics, and finance. He interned at UBS Global Asset Management, Validus Research, CIBC World Markets, and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, working primarily in asset management and risk management. Upon graduation, AlertDriving, a company specializing in global driver risk management, recruited him. At AlertDriving, Wesley developed a generalized Poisson model for automobile accident data, allowing for refined prediction intervals for fleet accident rates. He analyzed 100,000+ driver risk assessments and developed key improvements to the evaluation methodology, which were identified by senior management as top priority for implementation. Wesley joined the MSCF program to leverage his education and work experience to further develop his technical expertise for the financial risk management industry.

Wesley Ip