Peizhen (Vivian) Jiang graduated from Tsinghua University with a bachelor’s degree in Measurement, Control Technology and Instruments, and a minor in Economics. With a prize in 1st place in the National Physics Olympiad, and internship experiences and research projects in quantitative finance, Peizhen has gained solid training in programming, quantitative modeling, mathematics and statistics. She developed her interest in quantitative finance during a research project, in which she applied her engineering skills in signal processing into financial time series analysis. As a quantitative finance trainee in Morgan Stanley summer camp, she developed quantitative trading strategies based on statistical methods, where she back-tested and optimized the strategies. She also interned at GF Securities (the 4th largest investment bank in China) as a quantitative research analyst, where she received a hands-on experience in financial products, portfolio management and equity research. She joined the MSCF program to further strengthen her quantitative skills and her understanding in the finance industry. Upon graduation, Peizhen intends to pursue a career in quantitative trading, prop trading or quantitative research.

Peizhen Jiang