Chenlin Xu graduated from Fudan University with a Bachelor of Economics in Finance. She made the Dean's List as an exchange student at U.C. Berkeley. During her undergraduate study, Chenlin interned at Shanghai Alliance Financial Services Co., where she developed structure analysis models for US mortgage-backed securities. Later, as a risk management intern at HSBC China Head Office, she participated in the monthly report of business risk assessment and prepared the new Transactional Limit Guidance. At Shanghai Highchain Investment, a hedge fund, she developed algorithmic trading strategies for stock index futures and also built a new platform for strategy backtest and evaluation. In 2012, she won the first prize in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling in Shanghai. She is an FRM Level II candidate. By joining the MSCF program, Chenlin wants to explore the field of quantitative finance at a more sophisticated level and pursue a career in quantitative trading or risk management.

Chenlin Xu