Nelson (Zhen) Zhou majored in Electrical Engineering and minored in Statistics during his undergraduate study in Zhejiang University, where he was the recipient of the National Scholarship (top 2%). He also received the Microsoft / IEEE Young Fellow scholarship. For his senior thesis, he researched dynamics of implied volatility and extended the SABR model. He worked as a quant analyst in Zhongda Futures. After his manager founded his hedge fund, Junzhuo Capital, Nelson was invited to be a strategist. He led a team to build trading tools, and developed HFT strategies. In IBM, he developed statistical tools for Business Analytics while freely interacting across the organization full of diverse cultures. Back in China, he connected IBM and Alibaba, and presented IBM products to senior executives in Alibaba. As a Merit Scholarship recipient in MSCF, Nelson hopes to leverage his quantitative and communication skills to pursue a career in quant modeling, quant strats, desk quant, and quant research.

Zhen Zhou