Our doctoral program assists universities and companies interested in recruiting our Ph.D. students and provides background on the job market and placements of our students.

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Recruit Ph.D. Students on the job market

The Tepper School of Business offers doctoral degrees in eight functional areas of business: accounting, economics, financial economics, marketing, operations management and manufacturing, operations research and organizational behavior and theory.

Below is a listing of current doctoral students on the job market seeking employment. If you are recruiting current Ph.D. students for placement, please follow the links below to review their online curriculum vitae and student profiles. For more information, contact the Tepper School Ph.D. program at tepper-phd@andrew.cmu.edu.

Doctoral Student Recruiting Profiles and Curriculum Vitae



Financial Economics

Business Technologies (formerly Information Systems)

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Operations Management/Robotics

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Operations Research

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Organizational Behavior and Theory

Initial Placements of Ph.D. Graduates