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Tepper Fashion Show 2013

Ever wondered what the difference is between business casual and business formal? In an effort to truly prepare students for the business world, the Carnegie Mellon Business Association, under the direction of the Undergraduate Business Advisor Rubab Jafry O’Connor, presented an entertaining, informative way to answer this question and more. The solution: Tepper Undergraduate Business Fashion Show.

The first step in making such an event actually happen, was finding CMU students to model the various styles. After a round of auditions, 10 students were selected. These students attended fittings and practice sessions so they could look professional and stylish on the runway.

This year, Larrimor’s and Ann Taylor sponsored the event, providing outfits for the models and plenty of fashion advice. The event began with a segment on business casual dress and, after a brief intermission, continued into a business professional demonstration. Tracy Healy from Ann Taylor commented on each runway outfit, particularly noting the use of “strong jewelry for women” and that “gray is truly the new black.”

After the modeling segment, Healy facilitated a question and answer session. Carnegie Mellon students were most interested in learning how to dress for interviews, internships, and daily life in the business world. In response, Healy addressed a variety of points, from accessories to shoe color. She most strongly described current fashion as, “a new and modern take on the traditional.”

Adding energy to the event was a student-run dance group known as Infra Dance Company, who performed a lively and impressive contemporary routine during intermission.

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