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Jerome J. Segal Scholarship 2013


The Jerome J. Segal Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship, created to honor the Pittsburgh businessman’s value for education and hard work, has been awarded to two seniors in the Tepper School of Business. The scholarship targets students who not only exhibit academic excellence and innovation but who are also are committed to school activities and act as leaders in and out of the classroom. Mr. Segal’s son Evan, creator of the fund, aims to meet with the recipients. The two students were selected based on both their achievements and their personal characteristics.


Segal Recipient 1

Stephen Serrao studies the intersection of finance and management consulting and has served on multiple executive boards for student-run organizations. His passion for philanthropy and problem solving is especially highlighted in his experience with Carnegie Mellon Enactus, where he built a team to address the growing rates of unemployed and homeless U.S. war veterans in Western Pennsylvania.


Segal Recipient 2


Todd Medema presently studies Technology, Entrepreneurship and Design, but as the recipient of the 5th Year Scholarship, he will stay one more year to study Creative Writing and Filmmaking and to organize the first ever Carnegie Mellon Reverse Career Fair. He is a Co-founder of and is now focusing his creative efforts on, a Company of Inventors.


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