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Pennsylvania Registration Renewal Application

To our customers

Our service commitment is to ensure that you receive your renewal within two weeks.

Step 1 - Odometer and insurance information: detach the application below at the perforation, Please provide the vehicle's current odometer reading and insurance information in the spaces provided. The NAIC number is a five digit, unique number assigned by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Central Office and used to identify the insurer. If the NAIC number is on your insurance card, please list it in the space provided. If your number is not listed on your I.D. card, contact your insurance agent. If self-insured, enter "SELF-INSURED" in the Insurance Company Name block and your self-insurance certificate number in the Policy Number block. Vehicle insurance must be maintained at all times on all valid vehicle registrations. A lapse in insurance coverage could result in suspension of vehicle registration privileges for three months.

Step 2 - ORGAN DONATION AWARENESS TRUST FUND: You have an opportunity to contribute an additional $1 to ODTF. Your contribution to the Fund will help increase public awareness of organ donation and help save lives. Since this additional $1 is not part of the renewal fee printed on your application form, please add it to your payment. Also, be sure to check the proper block on the form to make sure your contribution is handled properly.



You can renew instantly with PennDOT's On-line Driver and Vehicle Services Center. It's fast and easy! After you renew, you will be able to print a temporary vehicle registration credential to use while your registration card and sticker are being mailed to you.

Visit PennDOT's Driver and Vehicle Services Center at WWW.DMV.STATE.PA.US

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