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Undergraduate Finance Association


The Undergraduate Finance Association was founded to organize activities that would complement the Finance track here at the Tepper School of Business. Over the years we have grown to be more inclusive of anyone at Carnegie Mellon who is interested in finance. Some of our major events include case competitions, networking sessions with alumni, hosting information sessions for companies, professor dinners, intern panels and so on. We try to ensure that students can walk away with something valuable at the end of every event we hold. We also maintain a robust network of alumni in the financial services industry who can help advise members with regards to their future career paths.

We currently have a 10-member Executive Board that meets weekly, runs our events from start to finish, and maintains relations with our corporate partners. Occasionally, we may also have a committee to run major events like 'Network Manhattan' which is the only activity that we organize outside of Pittsburgh. All of UFA's events are open to anyone in our 550-member general body, and we are constantly seeking feedback from these members to improve their experiences. We also try not to restrict ourselves to holding events focused on just Investment Banking or Sales & Trading but instead, many of our panels include alumni or interns who have worked in Operations or IT within the financial services industry.

Dan Griffith, President



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