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How to Become a Member


UMO's activities are open to all Carnegie Mellon students though we ask students to actively participate in UMO to receive official membership status.

To be an official member you must:

  • Meet the requirements in the Points System
  • Be a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) Visit for more details

Membership Points System: 
Attending and participating in various UMO events grants you access to higher membership levels (see more detailed description below): 

  • Attend an event/general body meeting/speaker - 10pts
  • Engage in a "Lightning Talk" - 25pts
  • Participation during an event (i.e. asking/answering questions) - 5pts
  • Engaging in social media (Facebook "Likes" and tags, Twitter tweets @cmuUMO and mentions) - 5pts  

Membership Levels: 

  • Active Member:
    25 points + AMA Membership*
    (get added to UMO LinkedIn group, OrgTracker, and UMO website, and get invited to AMA Pittsburgh Networking Events)
  • Gold Member:
    60 points + AMA Membership*
    (all of the above and become listed on website as Gold member, get added to resume book, AMA Membership subsidy)
  • Platinum Member:
    100 points + AMA Membership*
    (all of the above and become listed on website as Platinum member, get t-shirt) 


Attend an Event: Make sure you sign-in (fill out the survey) for each event that you attend. You will receive 10 points for all GBMs, Speaker Events, Information Sessions, Site Visits, Professor Dinners, Workshops etc.  See our upcoming events here.
Participate: Indicating that you participated by answering/asking questions during an event is an easy way to get 5 points!
Give a Lightening Talk: Have something interesting you want to share with the club? Worked on a marketing project you want to talk about? Want to give a quick marketing related demo (such as a cool tip in InDesign?)? E-mail and pick an upcoming event where you can present a 5-minute lecture/discussion to get 25 points! This is a great opportunity for you to present in front of professionals (i.e if a recruiter is coming and you RSVP to present at their information session!) and peers while practicing your presentation skills.
Social Media:
Twitter: tweet @cmuUMO, follow @cmuUMO
Facebook: post on The Undergraduate Marketing Organization facebook page, and/or like our facebook page.
Youtube: mention our YouTube site (cmuUMO)
You get 2-5 points for each of these, depending on the content.  Please email if you engage in any of these activities.


2011-2012 Members

Platinum Members (100 pts):
Tricia Chiou
Alvi Hasan
Skye Kim
Jovan Laurent
Elise Lim
Vineeta Malhotra
Stephanie Schneider
Matthew Schwalm
Julie Shim
Lillian Su
Rekha Toshok
Cindy Wang
Amanda Yuan
Luyba Zeylkman

Gold Members (60 pts):
Katherine Cuti*
Andre Misdary*
Nancy Yue*
Andre Misary*

Active Members (25 pts):
Bunmi Dairo*
Leila Garcia*
Shannon Ho*
Amanda Ho Sang*
Claire Huang*
Marc McGeary*
Christina Mitas*
Neel Nadkarni*
Barbara Nash*
Karan Sikka*
Mia Skinner*
Shannon Ho*
Selena Yuen*
Taylor Beisell*
Michelle Lin*

*(To officially become members you must register for the AMA . Contact us at for details)


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