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Financial Support Policies

Tuition And Stipends

Admission to the Tepper School's doctoral program carries with it full remission of tuition plus a stipend. The stipend is intended to help cover living expenses in Pittsburgh. Also included is single person health insurance for the student. The tuition remission continues as long as the student is in good standing in the Program. The stipend is guaranteed for the first four years of study, and the health insurance benefit is guaranteed for up to five years. To receive the stipend and health insurance, the student must be in good standing, in residence, and not have employment outside of the University. Stipends are paid out over a 12 month period. Lastly, the school pays for the doctoral students' technology fee for the first 5 years of the program; students are responsible for paying the transportation and activity fees.

Students can also earn additional income by teaching in the undergraduate Economics or Business programs, in the MS program, or in other colleges or Universities. Students can also work as teaching assistants or research assistants for the Tepper School or other faculty. Students are encouraged to seek outside support for their dissertation research. For students who bring in outside stipend support during their first four years of study, the business school will defer payment of its funding commitment into the fifth year or later, on a year-for-a-year basis.

In some instances, the faculty may ask the Chairman of the Ph.D. program to reduce the stipend of a student judged to be making inadequate progress. This action may be taken to provide incentives to the student to rapidly complete any remedial actions imposed by the faculty. In cases where the completion of such activities can be done only on a time scale not under the student's control, the faculty will not request reduction of the stipend.

Other Financial Support

The Tepper School of Business also offers the following limited support or services to its doctoral students:

  • Funds for domestic travel for the purpose of presenting research products at professional conferences or seminars (the frequency and amount of such support depends on the availability of funds).
  • Access to the University's Office of International Education for international students.

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