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Carnegie Mellon University operates a general support system comprised of several contact points. It should be noted that some computing services at the Tepper school are controlled by the central university. While XP servers, Macintosh servers, local computers and local software are controlled by Computing Group, Andrew, Electronic Mail, and most networking is controlled by the central University. The following services may help you in the event that you have a problem with Campus computing or if you need access to information that is not provided by the computing group at the Tepper school.

University Computing Services Help Line

The main campus help line, phone number (412) 268-HELP, can be used to find information on supported packages, clusters, and equipment. The Help Line consultant will attempt to answer any specific "how to" questions that deal with supported hardware and software. The University supports Windows, Macintosh, and Unix operating systems. The Help Line is a good way to get information on these platforms.

Student Consultants

The university employs student consultants who also may be good sources of information, especially on Andrew and programming related issued. The phone number of the student consultant desk in (412) 268-HELP.

University Computer Store

The University Computer Store is located in the Campus bookstore which is in the basement of the University Center. The Computer Store sells a variety of hardware and software at student discounted prices. Detailed price lists are available from the Computing Store or prices can be quoted over the phone at (412) 268-2636. The computer store also has a web page at that has up to date information about the computer store.

Campus Computing Clusters

The Tepper School has several computer clusters available for Tepper student use. Additionally, the University Computing Center maintains a large number of microcomputer clusters distributed across campus, which are available for use by the Carnegie Mellon community. Specific examples include Baker Hall Room 140, Cyert Hall Room 100, and the Wean Hall 5200 Corridor. Machines in these clusters range from Intel-based PC's running Windows XP to Macintosh computers to Unix workstations. Please feel free to visit or contact Computing Services at (412) 268-HELP for more information.

University Software Policy

Carnegie Mellon University fully observes all software licensing and copyright issues. A copy of the official University statement on computing ethics is available in CMU Computer Ethics.

University Software Selection

Carnegie Mellon University offers a varied software selection based on many department demands. While most of the Windows and Macintosh software is comparable to our selection, CMU does offer software specific to high-powered UNIX workstations that can not be found at the Tepper School. If you have specific questions about what software is supported, please contact the CMU Computing Help Desk at (412) 268-HELP (4357).

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