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Partnering with Tepper

We believe that dialogue and ongoing engagement is critical to successful custom program development. So our approach is designed to foster engagement at each stage of planning:

  • Initial Discussions
    • Determining “fit”
    • Understanding needs & aligning on objectives
  • Planning
    • High-level program design
    • Defining parameters, timing, presenters, resources
    • Determining the appropriate learning model
  • Development
    • Program building around specific company scenarios, cases, projects
    • Defining & developing content, support materials & technologies
    • Learning platform & venue
  • Delivery
    • Pre-program development & work distribution
    • Logistics & execution
    • Session evaluation
  • Ongoing Engagement
    • Program Assessment
    • Follow-on learning & support

And interaction with our faculty is not limited to the sessions themselves. Because of Carnegie Mellon’s technology advantage, our faculty easily engages with company representative and participants before, during and after the program to ensure maximum impact.

Contact us today to discuss if our custom programs are right for your business.

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