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Recent news! We are proud to announce that CBI’s Global Leadership Executive Forum is the recipient of a 2014 Top 10 Leadership 500 Excellence Award from, given for exemplary leadership development programs. See the press release here.

Since 1990, Carnegie Bosch Institute has been pursuing its mission of improving international management and its impact on leadership by enhancing the knowledge and performance of managers and executives in global operations, as well as supporting academic research in the field.

Carnegie Bosch Institute sets itself apart from other executive education providers by sitting at the intersection of academia and industry. It was established as an entity within the Tepper School of Business in 1990 through a major endowment provided by the Bosch Group. Today, executives from around the world participate in the Institute's renowned executive programs.

CBI is respected for its focus on innovative, integrated executive training concepts, an outstanding international faculty, and a high-quality customer experience. At Carnegie Bosch Institute we provide our participants with the strategies and tools for highly effective management and leadership in today’s complex and ever-changing global business world. All Carnegie Bosch Institute programs provide high levels of interaction between faculty and participants, integrated case studies and group work sessions, and multiple active learning tools. And because the role of people in business is recognized, there are plenty of opportunities to discuss, share, reflect, and re-evaluate business approaches. In addition, the small group size and diversity of the participants facilitate a unique environment to exchange ideas, grow personally, and foster the development of long-lasting professional networks. The overall result is more effective leaders for today’s complex world.

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With any questions about our programs, research, conferences, or campus activities, don't hesitate to contact us at or +1-412-268-7344.

"As the product of an international alliance, the Carnegie Bosch Institute is uniquely positioned between globally-based industry and academia. As a result, the CBI is able to draw on the theory and the practice of international management on the one hand, and on the experience and insight of seasoned practitioners and the knowledge of academics on the other."

Dr. Wolfgang Malchow
Member of the Supervisory Council and 
Former Member of the Board of Management, 
Robert Bosch GmbH

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