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Computing Group

Our Mission

We continually seek to provide quality support for instructional, research, and administrative activities. Toward this goal, we will deliver services that meet the Tepper School's computing, information processing and technology needs. To continue our tradition of innovation and excellence, we provide leadership and assistance in developing policies and in planning for the effective use of technology.

Our Vision

The Computing Group is committed to creating a learning environment through uses of information technology in which everyone takes ownership of the improved process and where a high value is placed on customer service, communication, teamwork, innovation, pride and excellence in both individual and collective performance. We will work together with the Tepper community to continually evaluate and improve our services in the support of the school's mission.

Our Objective

To provide and support innovative information technologies for educational programs, research, administrative, and alumni activities -- consistent with the Tepper School's mission.

Our Goals

  • Increase the quality and overall satisfaction with services provided.
  • Be a leader in the utilization of computing, communications and information technology to support instruction, research and administration.
  • Continue to develop an environment in which computer use is increasingly pervasive, effective, and enhances the the productivity and endeavors of all students, faculty and staff.
  • Provide a high quality information processing environment to support the operational, management and planning functions of the Tepper School.
  • Expand the scope and focus of services offered.
  • Promote communication with and among the members of the Tepper School and other departments on campus.
  • Maintain and develop expert staff who support progressive planning and policy formation through an understanding and awareness of future direction and new developments in computing, communications, and information technology.
  • Extend the Tepper School's reach electronically through remote communications, videoconferencing, web services and other electronic means.

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If you’re having a problem during help desk hours, please feel free to stop by Room 12 or give us a call at (412) 268-5881.


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