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Preparatory Programming Class

Each year, the MSCF program will offer an optional computer programming preparation course. This course is a refresher course in basic C++ syntax and rudimentary program development. While this course is designed for those whose programming skills may have become a bit rusty, it is hoped that the course will prove useful to nearly all MSCF students who take it.

  • To encourage attendance, the course is open to all MSCF students matriculating this August.
  • There is no additional charge for the course for entering MSCF students.
  • Students will be responsible for purchasing any reference texts.
  • Incoming MSCF students can register for this course via the MSCF Admitted Student Website.

Course Material

This course may involve hands-on program development in the following areas:

  • Create projects in MS Visual Studio
  • Write functions
  • Use C++ libraries
  • How to think about variable types and basic algebraic manipulations.

Individuals not enrolled in the MSCF program can participate in the class at a tuition of $3000. To qualify, submit your resume along with a list of previous programming courses taken to Jessica Bittel at

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