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MSCF Steering Committee

Since its founding, Carnegie Mellon has emphasized cross-disciplinary research and education. Following this tradition, the MSCF program is a joint venture of the Tepper School of Business, the Mathematical Sciences Department, the Department of Statistics and the Heinz College (which contributes information technology). It is the willingness of these four colleges to work so closely together that has made the MSCF program the premiere program of its kind. The program is housed in the Tepper School of Business, and thereby reaps the advantages of the business school environment.

The program is administered by a Steering Committee, represented by four senior faculty members, one from each of the participating colleges, and an Executive Director. The Steering Committee members design the curriculum, make admissions decisions, set policies, participate in orientation, attend graduation and alumni events, and teach in the program. The Executive Director is also responsible for the day-to-day administration of the program, broadening the recruiter base, and developing closer alumni relations.

A Word from Dean Dammon

Bob Dammon

"The MSCF program is a shining example of enduring, cross-campus academic collaboration. The Tepper School is proud to provide the finance curriculum for the MSCF program and to serve as the program's administrator."

Robert M. Dammon
Dean, Tepper School of Business
Professor of Financial Economics


Professor Steve Shreve and MSCF Alumna Naquiyah Ghadiyali discuss ethics in the MSCF Program.


In the photo above, the MSCF Steering Committee (from left to right):

Duane Seppi
Tepper School of Business
BNY Mellon Professor of Finance

Stephen Roehrig
Heinz College
Teaching Professor of Information Systems

Steven Shreve
Orion Hoch and University Professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Richard Bryant
MSCF Executive Director

John Lehoczky
Statistics Department
Thomas Lord University Professor of Statistics and
Mathematical Sciences

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