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Analytics As A Career Advantage

Recruiters know substance when they see it, and Tepper MBAs have a reputation for leadership via strategic analytics that is rare.

Tepper MBAs have no fear of complexity because they are prepared with an exceptional analytics toolkit that blends strategic modeling, leadership and cutting-edge predictive tools. This is what we do better than any other B-school.

Our alumni are C-level executives who understand that the path to the board room is earned. We have no sense of entitlement here – our students advance in their careers based on performance, and our curriculum is sequenced so that entering students master the drivers of business issues via the core course content, thus providing opportunities at the business school and across the Carnegie Mellon campus to apply the learning through electives, Capstone Courses, case competitions and Global Treks.

The new Tepper School curriculum prepares you for both the interview process and for success in your internship and career.

In the current business education environment, internships can play a key role in eventual career choice and recruiting for these internships can begin as soon as the first few weeks of school as companies vie for the most valuable candidates.

The new Tepper School curriculum begins preparing you for the interview process immediately, through an earlier introduction to the functional areas of business and their integration within the organization, allowing you to gain greater familiarity and better align your personal goals with recruiters’ early schedules. This begins in BaseCamp, a unique month-long immersive orientation to the Tepper School and the larger world of business for Full-time MBA students, while our FlexTime and FlexMBA students participate in a condensed BaseCamp experience better suited for the Flex Schedules. The new Tepper curriculum also allows greater flexibility and preparation for eventual internship and career placement in all three program options. This is accomplished through an improved course balance and the introduction of fall experience weeks, which provide networking and job exploration opportunities.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking analytics is only about “the numbers.”

We view analytics as a powerful career advantage in which students master frameworks for assessing complex, uncertain and dynamic variables and produce strategic solutions that, ultimately, are better decisions.

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