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MBA/Juris Doctorate (Law)

MBA/Juris Doctorate (Law)

A cooperative educational program addressing the interaction of law and business administration is available through the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and the Tepper School of Business.

We have designed a rigorous four-year dual-degree program that benefits students by enabling them to receive integrated training in both law and business, while saving students a full year of schooling, enabling them to earn two degrees in just four years. The dual degree program also enables graduates to act in an interdisciplinary fashion, helping them to more effectively merge the policy considerations underlying law and business in our society.

Program Structure

The candidate must satisfy both schools' degree requirements. At the Law School, 88 credits must be completed for the JD degree, while MBA requires 192 units for the MBA degree. Completing the JD degree while enrolled in the dual-degree program entitles the student to 30 units of advanced standing at the Tepper School and completing the MBA degree entitles the student to 15 credit hours of advanced standing at the Law School.

The candidate must enroll either in the Law School or Tepper during their first year at the other school.  The first year is solely dedicated to that program in which the student begins and the second year is solely dedicated to the other program, whereas years three and four are a mix of the two programs. The candidate is not permitted to take courses at the other school during the first or second year.


Interested candidates must apply and be admitted separately to both the Tepper MBA Program and the JD program in order to partake in the dual degree. Students may submit their applications to both programs at the same time or during the first year of study at either school.

In addition, a dual-degree application must be completed with a copy sent to each school. A joint admissions committee will decide upon admission to the dual-degree program once a student has been accepted to each school individually. The dual-degree application must be submitted no later than March 15.

During the first year, the student pays tuition at the full rate for that program. For example, if year one is spent at Tepper, the student pays tuition for full-time MBA students to Tepper that year. Year two, the student pays tuition for fulltime law students to Pitt. This is applicable regardless of which program the student begins first. During each of the third and fourth years of the program, the total tuition equals the sum of 85% of the law school tuition and 42.5% of the tuition for full-time MBA students.  Tuition payments should be made in accordance with the current policies of Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh.

For additional information, please contact:
Annie Dolan, Associate Director of Masters Admissions
Vickie Motz, Director of Student Services, Special Programs
Associate Professor of Law Peter B. Oh

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