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FlexTime FAQs

May I Visit The Tepper School Of Business?

Visitors are always welcome! As a prospective student, we encourage you to explore our program, campus environment and student lifestyle. Class visits, tours, meetings with students and a weekly information session are available Mondays through Thursdays  (morning and afternoons), as well as in the evenings when classes are in session. Please contact to set up your campus visit today.

Flextime Info Sessions, specifically designed to provide information on our part-time program, will be held at the Tepper School of Business throughout the year. You can access the schedule of FlexTime upcoming events online.

Sign up for an Info Session online via our Upcoming Events calendar simply by searching by the date you wish to attend or email Carol Basciotta, our visit coordinator at

When are classes held?

Classes meet year-round, with FlexTime students taking two classes at a time. In the first year, core FlexTime classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6 to 10pm. Once you begin taking electives, classes will be held one evening per week, Mondays through Thursdays. You may also take daytime sections of MBA classes, as long as your work schedule permits you to do so. There are no regularly scheduled classes on Fridays, except when a make-up class is warranted. All classes are held on-campus at the Tepper School of Business.

How long does it take?

Most Tepper MBA classes are 6 units (1 mini course). All MBA degree candidates must complete a required core curriculum of 90 units (16 mini courses), plus 12-18 units per mini until you complete the 192 required units. At the normal pace of two classes per mini semester (4 per semester), students complete the program in 32 months. Many students take extra classes throughout the three years and complete the program earlier than the normal schedule. All students must complete their degree requirements within 48 months.

Are there any pre-requisites?

MBA applicants must hold the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree and demonstrate a strong aptitude for mathematics. Entering MBA students must have completed one semester of college Calculus and either Statistics, Calculus II or Linear Algebra before matriculating. Candidates who do not meet the math requirements may be admitted with the provision that they complete the necessary math courses before joining the FlexTime program. We offer a Advanced Math Skills Workshop (AMSW) for students who have studied calculus but would like a review before classes begin. We encourage all students to participate in this pre-program. All MBA applicants must take the GMAT or GRE exam.

Can I switch to the Full-Time program?

After completing 72 units of coursework in the FlexTime program – and remaining in good academic standing – FlexTime students may be eligible to switch to the full-time MBA program. The recommended time for students to transfer is at the beginning of a semester (August or January). The student must consult their academic advisor if interested in this process.

Some students pursue this option in order to participate in a summer internship during their second year. If you are interested in pursuing an internship before your second year, you should instead consider applying to the full time program.

How tough is the program/ the admissions process?

There’s no doubt that our admissions process is competitive and our program is rigorous – all the best schools are that way. If you believe that Tepper offers what you’re looking for, we encourage you to submit an application. (You can’t get in if you don’t apply!) If you’re admitted, you’ll receive the support necessary to be successful. Among these services are: pre-MBA programs that review the math included in the core curriculum; convenient staff office hours for FlexTime students; tutors and recitation sessions; and career services. Plus, the Graduate Business Association has a peer mentorship program in which you can partner with another FlexTime student who has completed coursework that is new to you.

How does business travel affect my participation in the program?

You are required to attend classes, but we understand that your work commitments may require you to occasionally miss a class. Your classmates are a good resource for obtaining notes, and faculty will often provide ways for you to complete assignments while traveling. If you find yourself missing too many classes, you may take a leave of absence from the program until your work/travel schedule permits your regular participation in classes.

What career opportunities are available to FlexTime MBA students?

Our Career Opportunities Center (COC) provides a full range of services in support of Tepper MBA students seeking new full-time employment are earning their MBA. Corporations recruit Tepper MBAs for a variety of industries and functional areas and our COC helps you through this process. COC Orientation for FlexTime students is in the winter/spring of your second year. However, COC is available for appointments or drop-ins during their office hours: Monday - Thursday 8am - 7pm and Friday 8am - 5pm. FlexTime MBA students may participate fully in the recruiting process, although students sponsored by their employer must obtain written permission from the employer before participating in the recruiting process.

Is the FlexTime MBA any different from the full-time MBA degree?

The Tepper School of Business prides itself on the fact that our FlexTime MBA curriculum is the same exact curriculum as our full-time MBA program. It is not a condensed or watered-down version of the full-time program.  It mirrors its full-time counterpart in that the entry/exit requirements, faculty, course content and exams are the same as what is offered to our full time class. In fact, it is one of the only programs in the nation to offer a fully unified part-time and full-time MBA.

When and how can I apply?

Our goal is to make the application process for the MBA program as convenient as we possibly can by applying via our online system. Please view our Admissions page that lists application deadlines with corresponding reply dates in addition to other helpful information that will help you create your best application.

How can I learn more?

For questions or to schedule an informational meeting, please contact our admissions office at To register for an information session, please check out our upcoming events page.

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