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Year One

Applied Analytical Tools, Strategic Thinking and an Exceptional Foundation

Year One features a sequence of foundational coursework aimed at mastery of analytical skills and key knowledge sets related to the vital drivers of management, quantitative analysis, economics, accounting and optimization. Alongside these foundational courses is an emphasis on teaching that provides students with the leadership and communication skills necessary to leveraging their analytical skills, with a focus on managing teams and organizations, ethics, presentations, writing and communication.

It’s in the spring of Year One that MBA students begin the electives and start the process of applying the knowledge of their core courses to electives, project courses and Capstone courses, aligned with career planning. Likewise, Year One features the Leadership Assessment program and Leadership Immersion workshops that are strategic complements to students’ exceptional analytical skill base.

We don’t offer Year One course “menus.”  Here’s why:

An academic smorgasbord that places no limits on students’ choices ultimately jeopardizes the potential for success because graduates do not have the depth necessary for integrating the universal principles of business.


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