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2012 Alum Works to Create Alumni Chapter in Canada

Upon graduating from Carnegie Mellon in 2012, Tepper alum Emily Qiu returned to Toronto, Canada, happy to be home, but also hoping to stay connected with the CMU community. She soon realized, however, that there are not any CMU Alumni Chapters in Canada, even though research shows that there are over 300 alumni in Canada. Thus, Qiu is working with a graduate from the Heinz graduate program to create the CMU Toronto Alumni Chapter. The chapter will help to increase awareness of CMU in Canada and will also improve networking and professional development opportunities there.

To help bring her idea to life, Qiu recently attended the Alumni Volunteer Forum at CMU where she participated in workshops aimed at building alumni chapters and creating and maintaining alumni relations. Leaders including President Jared Cohon shared their experiences and insights about CMU and Alumni Chapters in general.

Qiu said, “[The Toronto Chapter] can help Alumni in the area stay connected with CMU. But more importantly, it can provide a network for Alumni to stay connected, participate in social events, be more involved in the local community and develop friendships. “

For more information, you can find the link for the event here:

And the link for the schedule here:

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