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The following administrators, professors and researchers are frequently quoted in the news.

Mara Falk
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The following administrators, professors and researchers are frequently quoted in the news in such areas as: the Federal Reserve Banking System; world banking and economy; finance; markets; Elon Musk's Hyperloop competition; energy; oil and gas; collective intelligence; business technologies; the rule of law and capitalism; economics in China, Asia and Europe; business communications; small businesses; and corporate restructuring and refinancing.

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Featured Experts

Anita Williams Woolley

Associate professor

Organizational Theory and Behavior expertise: collective intelligence, social intelligence, social dynamics of women in business, women on boards and in committees, reading the minds or eyes of co-workers and committee members, team dynamics

Additional expertise: business social skills, offensive vs. defensive business team strategy, virtual teams

Bob Monroe

Associate professor; Part-Time Online Hybrid MBA program director

Business Technologies expertise: part-time MBA programs, online MBA programs, international/global education

Additional expertise: product architecture, products to market, technology-enhanced education and learning, developing software-intensive systems and products, product design and development, software and systems architecture


Business Communications and Technology

Jerome "Jay" Apt

Professor; co-director of Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center

Business Technologies expertise: energy (generation, transmission, distribution, security, reliability), renewable and low-carbon electric power, low-carbon economics and technologies, mathematical, regulatory and market characteristics of energy

Additional expertise: energy storage, wind power, nuclear energy, hydroelectric power, solar radiation management



Marvin Goodfriend

The Friends of Allan H. Meltzer Professor

Economics expertise: international finance, central banking and exchange rates, banking and financial markets, macroeconomic fluctuations, monetary theory and policy, economic development, Federal Reserve policy and history

Additional expertise: China's economy, Euro economy, Japan economy, inflation, unemployment, interest rates, interest on reserves, negative interest rates, quantitative easing, central bank independence, 2007-2009 financial crisis



Dave Mawhinney

Executive director, Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship, Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Entrepreneurship expertise: entrepreneurial ecosystems, innovation ecosystems, startups, new venture creation, lean startups, entrepreneurship through acquisition, marketing for entrepreneurs, startup funding, venture capital, angel investing, startup accelerators and incubators, private equity
Additional expertise: product management, entrepreneurial teams, product innovation, entrepreneurial and startup education, entrepreneurial curriculum, commercialization



Robert Dammon

Tepper School dean, professor 

Finance expertise: mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, corporate finance, lifelong financial planning, taxes and portfolio choice, Tepper Quadrangle and business-school education in the 21st Century

Additional expertise: technology-enhanced learning, analytical decision-making, Deans who teach

Kathryn Barraclough

Tepper School MBA program head, distinguished service professor

Finance expertise: MBA programs in the 21st century, part-time MBA programs, online MBA programs, Master of Science in Computational Finance programs, stock options, derivatives markets

Additional expertise: option trading strategies, treasury stock, mergers and acquisitions transactions

Chester Spatt

Pamela R. and Kenneth B. Dunn Professor

Finance expertise: equity markets, financial markets, financial regulation, SEC regulation, pension underfunding, taxes and investing

Additional expertise: regulation of markets, high-frequency trading, derivative securities, make-take pricing, short selling, liquidity, credit rating agencies, Federal Reserve stress test, mortgages, systematic risk, municipal assets, municipal bonds



Peter Boatwright

Carnegie Bosch professor; co-director, Integrated Innovation Institute

Marketing expertise: marketing new technologies, qualitative and analytical marketing, integrated innovation and cross-functional/cross-training, pre-entrepreneurship, creating value

Additional expertise: millennials, segments/generations, international millennials, improving ideas to bring to market

Tim Derdenger

Assistant professor; Frank A. and Helen E. Risch Faculty Development Professor of Business

Marketing, Strategy expertise: celebrity, Tiger Woods endorsements, platform markets, sports and technology

Additional expertise: golf/Nike/Titleist marketing, mergers and acquisitions relating to the consumer

Christopher Olivola

Assistant professor

Marketing expertise: charitable giving and non-profit marketing, evaluating or judging the faces of leadership, political marketing, consumer financial decision-making, social marketing and first impressions (marketing the self), intertemporal choice, consumer/household decision-making

Additional expertise: facial inferences and facial appearances, the look of a winner, taxes and consumer behavior, sensitivity after tragedy and human fatalities


Operations Management and Research

Michael Trick

Senior associate dean of faculty and research, Harry B. and James H. Higgins Professor

Operations Research expertise: business analytics, supply chain design, machine scheduling, delivery service design, business school research, telecommunications

Additional expertise: sports scheduling, integer programming, constraint programming, data mining


Organizational Behavior

Laurie Weingart

Senior associate dean of education, Richard M. and Margaret S. Cyert Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory

Organizational Behavior and Theory expertise: conflict and negotiation, dynamic group processes, expression of conflict, team conflict, cross-functional teams

Additional expertise: negotiation dynamics, escalation and de-scalation of conflict in business, gender and emotional experience of relationship conflict