Faculty Experts

Tepper School Faculty Experts

Below are a sampling of administrators, professors and researchers who are available to speak with journalists.

To set up an interview or gain an expert’s perspective on the latest topics in business education, contact Tepper School Media Relations Director Mara Falk at marafalk@cmu.edu or 917-239-9453.

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Cornuejols   Gérard Cornuéjols, IBM University Professor of Operations Research

Operations research
Optimization methods in finance
Integer programming

170x158_Kekre jpg   Sunder Kekre, Vasantrao Dempo Professor, professor of operations management

Operations management
Business analytics
Supply chain management
Enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction
Engineering of global products and services
Management of healthcare

Business Ethics

Hooker   John Hooker, T. Jerome Holleran Professor of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Operations research
Mathematical programming
Constraint programming
Vehicle routing

Transportation scheduling
Health care logistics
Business ethics
Ethical decisions blog
Supply chain ethics
Ethics of artificial intelligence

Cross-cultural management
Cross-cultural communication
Cross-cultural ethics and corruption
Music theory
Musical composition



Epple   Dennis Epple, Thomas Lord University Professor of Economics

Financial aid policies
School competition
School choice



Mobility and redistribution
Educational vouchers
Charter schools

Marvin Goodfriend, The Friends of Allan H. Meltzer Professor of Economics   Marvin Goodfriend, The Friends of Allan H. Meltzer Professor
of Economics

Not currently talking to press

International finance
Exchange rates
Banking and financial markets
Economic development

Federal Reserve policy and history
Interest rates

okesten Onur Kesten, associate professor of economics

Market design
Game theory

Sevin Yeltekin senior associate dean of education   Sevin Yeltekin, professor of economics, senior associate dean of education

Behavioral economics
Computational economics
Fiscal and monetary policy design


Social insurance design
Dynamic games


Secomandi, Nicola, Ph.D. Head   Nicola Secomandi, professor of operations management, head of the Ph.D. program

Energy and commodity merchant trading operations
Energy markets and operations
Operations management
Real options
Energy and supply chain risk management



Kate Anderson   Kate Anderson, assistant professor of economics and entrepreneurship

Innovation and collaboration
Knowledge-based production
Collaborative production
Survivor bias
Skill networks
Entrepreneurs and innovation
Diversity in entrepreneurship

Measurement of human capital
People’s skills in the workforce
Social network formation
Team science

Problem-solving in collaborative work
Social networks and diffusion of information
Tastemakers and social influencers
Social justice and the grant market

Dave Mawhinney   David MaWhinney, associate teaching professor of entrepreneurship,
executive director of the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship

Innovation ecosystems
Marketing for entrepreneurs
Venture capital
Angel investing

Private equity 
Product management
Product innovation

170x158_Tayur jpg   Sridhar Tayur, Ford Distinguished Research Chair, 
professor of operations management

Healthcare operations
Organ transplantation
Insurance effect on consumer 
and physician behavior
Consistent care in nursing homes
Personalized medicine

Global manufacturing
Private equity and lean operations
Manufacturing automation
Combating child labor in the supply base

Software startups
New business models
Social enterprises
Platforms and matching markets
Sharing economy
Venture capital

Global supply chain

Supply chain management
Enterprise analytics and
Omni-channel retailing 
Combating counterfeiting 



kuehn   Lars-Alexander Kuehn, associate professor of finance

Equity and bond market investments
Financial markets
Asset allocation
Credit risk
Capital structure

Brian Routledge, Assistant Professor of Finance   Bryan Routledge, associate professor of finance

Asset pricing
Natural language processing
Preference theory
Social media

Commodities and commodity pricing
Corporate finance

spatt   Chester Spatt, Pamela R. and Kenneth B. Dunn Professor of Finance

Financial markets and regulation
Pension underfunding
Taxes and investing
High-frequency trading
Trading and short-selling

Equity trading and market structure
Credit rating agencies
Federal Reserve stress test
Municipal borrowing
Derivative securities


Leadership and Management

Linda Argote   Linda Argote, David M. Kirr and Barbara A. Kirr
Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory


Organizational learning
Learning curves
Transactive memory systems
Organizational theories
Behavioral theories
Knowledge sharing

Knowledge transfer
Social identity
Competitive advantage
Communication networks
Group performance

Brandy Aven   Brandy Aven, associate professor of organizational behavior and theory

Corporate fraud
Email analysis
Communication behavior

Networked teams
Knowledge transfer
Social network analysis

chow   Rosalind Chow, associate professor of organizational behavior and theory

Racial inequality
Policy attitudes
Affirmative action support

Inter-racial dynamics
Gender inequality
Sponsorship vs. mentorship
Gender gap in leadership positions

 cohen   Taya Cohen, associate professor of organizational behavior and theory

Organizational psychology
Conflict management
Workplace deviance
Morality and ethics

Intergroup relations
Personnel selection
Moral character
Organizational citizenship behavior
Counterproductive work behavior

hahl   Oliver Hahl, assistant professor of organizational theory and strategy

Corporate strategy
Organizational behavior
Architecture of competitive advantage
Organizations and networks
The business of sports
Perceptions of authenticity

kelley   Robert Kelley, distinguished service professor of management

Minorities and women in business 
Developing star performers 
Employee performance and productivity 
Leveraging intellectual capital


Gold-collar workers
Managing tech and creative workers
Customer-centric businesses


Service businesses
Corporate culture
Organizational change
Harassment in the workplace


Denise M. Rousseau H.J. Heinz II University, Professor of Organizational Behavior and Public Policy   Denise Rousseau, H.J. Heinz II University Professor of
Organizational Behavior and Public Policy
Image not available for download

Psychological contract
Human resources strategy
Employee relationships
Aging workforce

Idiosyncratic deals
Organizational culture
Change management
Evidence-based practice
Managerial decisions

awoolley-170x158 jpg   Anita Williams Woolley, associate professor of organizational behavior and theory

Collective intelligence
Social intelligence
Social dynamics of women in business
Women on boards and in committees
Social perceptiveness

Team dynamics
Business social skills
Offensive vs. defensive business team strategy
Virtual teams
Team performance

Team collaboration
Artificial intelligence and teams
Remote workforce and teleworking
Open office concepts


Machine Learning

kilinc   Fatma Kilinç-Karzan, associate professor of operations research

Convex optimization
Business analytics
Online learning
Machine learning
Integer programming
Assortment optimization

Large-scale computational game theory
Compressed sensing
High-dimensional statistical estimation
Decision-making under uncertainty
Structured nonconvex optimization

Dokyuni   Dokyun Lee, assistant professor of business analytics

Deep learning
Data science
Text mining 
Computer vision
Machine learning in business
Content engineering

Advertising content
Recommender systems
Impact of algorithms
Explainable algorithms
Artificial intelligence (AI)
Sharing economy


pena   Javier Peña, Bajaj Family Chair in Operations Research

Financial engineering
Data science
Business analytics
Convex optimization
Data mining

singh   Param Vir Singh, Carnegie Bosch Associate Professor of Business Technologies

Deep learning
Machine learning
Social media
Social networks

Digital marketing
Sharing economy
Artificial intelligence
Computer vision
Data science


Peter Boatwright   Peter Boatwright, Allan D. Shocker Professor of Marketing and
New Product Development


Marketing new products and services
Product and service innovation
Qualitative and analytical marketing
Millennials, segments of millennials


Derdenger   Tim Derdenger, associate professor of marketing and strategy

High-tech marketing
Marketing strategies in product lines
Sports marketing
Pricing and branding
Sponsorships and celebrity endorsements

Streaming industry
Angel investors
Technology management
Video games
Antitrust issues
Platform markets

Galak   Jeffrey Galak, associate professor of marketing

Consumer behavior
Sentimental value
Hedonic adaptation

Variety seeking
Affective forecasting
Expectation updating
Fluency effects

LI   Hui Li, assistant professor of marketing

Two-sided platform/marketplace
Dynamic pricing
Sharing economy
Airbnb/hotel/rental/housing market
Multichannel management


Digital product
e-book industry
Groupon/daily deals industry/online-to-offline business

montgomery   Alan Montgomery, professor of marketing

Electronic marketing
Clickstream analysis
Price Optimization
Bayesian statistics
Machine Learning
Business Analytics

Decision theory
Price optimization for retailing
Profiling consumers using clickstream data
Integrating managerial knowledge with business
Analytics through Bayesian statistics and decision theory
Analytical modeling of consumer financial transaction data

olivola   Christopher Olivola, assistant professor of marketing

Judgment and decision making
Behavioral economics
Consumer behavior
Appearances and voting
Face perception and first impressions

Consumer/household financial decision making
Consumer attitudes toward taxes
Charitable giving and prosocial behavior
Consumer reactions to deadly events and humanitarian disasters
How consumers trade off spending (or saving) time and money


Product Managment

monroe   Bob Monroe, associate teaching professor of business technologies,
co-director of the MS in Product Management program


Product development 
Product management
Technology-enhanced education
Better business through computing technology