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PNC Center for Financial Services Innovation Teams Up With the Undergraduate Marketing Organization to Host Case Competition

The PNC Center for Financial Services Innovation’s undergraduate case competition, hosted by the Undergraduate Marketing Organization (UMO), gave students the opportunity to solve a real business challenge that PNC is facing with their mobile banking and marketing efforts. 

The competition was open to all undergraduate students and gave them a unique opportunity to gain professional experience and further develop their presentation and communication skills, qualities that most employers look for in a candidate. “Employers really appreciate students with case competition experience because it shows that they work well in teams and in a stressful, time restricting environment,” said Jane Liu, co-president of the UMO.

The case was centered on customers’ increased affinity toward technology, with a strong emphasis on online and mobile interactions and offerings. Participants were asked to create a recommendation for a new feature, product or service that PNC could offer to its customers in the near future. Teams were encouraged to take advantage of PNC’s anticipated technologies, while also providing their perspective and ideas, either from inside the banking industry or from external industries.

Several teams took home cash prizes, and the top two teams were invited to participate in an executive dinner. The winners are as follows:

  • 1st place: Yanlin (Alan) Duan, winning $2,500 and an executive dinner;
  • 2nd place: Molly Chou, Karthik Annaamalai, Lawrence Hu, Sanika Natu and Nicholas Lam, winning $1,250 and an executive dinner;
  • 3rd place: Justin Lu, Andrew Bryan, Siddhardha Malladi, Hua Zhi Situ and Bryan Yan, winning $500;
  • 4th place: Richard Lee, Alvin Mathews, Raunak Jhaveri and Charly Cai, winning $375;
  • 5th place: Sonali Avlani, Rohan Varma, Ada Situ, Elise Qian, winning $250;
  • 6th place: Jia Wan, Wanxuan Shi, Yixun Xu, Zhongyuan Ying and Yvonne Yuan, winning $125

“I believe participating in a case competition is a great learning experience. We hope that UMO was able to provide this opportunity for our members and the CMU community through our speakers, networking events and case competitions,” Liu said.