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New Cohort of Undergraduate Business Administration Students Join the Tepper School of Business

Undergraduate Business Class Profile

As summer drew to a close, the Tepper School community welcomed 123 excited new freshman students during Orientation Week. The whirlwind of activities began with Tepper staff hosting a welcome session for the students and their families on move-in day. As the week continued, students attended group advising sessions during which their academic advisors prepared them for the road ahead.

Anchoring Orientation Week was Academic Day, highlighting the high standards of achievement and integrity at the university and the importance of living up to that standard.

There was plenty of fun mixed in along the way. Midweek, the students gathered in groups at the iconic campus fence to begin their Downtown Adventure trek. The undergraduate business administration staff organizes this annual orientation event to help students get familiar with their new home city and encourage them to explore and enjoy the many amenities that Pittsburgh has to offer.

Orientation Week is just the beginning for these students, though, and a new adventure was underway as classes began on Monday, August 31.

These incoming students represent a diverse set of backgrounds and came to the Tepper School from across the globe. See below for class profile information.


  • Number of incoming Undergraduate Business Administration students: 123
  • Male students: 74 (60 percent)
  • Female students: 49 (40 percent)
  • International students: 18 (15 percent)
  • Minority students: 18 (15 percent)
  • Countries represented: eight – China, Poland, Thailand, Korea, India, Zambia, Taiwan and Canada
  • States represented: 23 – California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington
  • SAT Math average: 755 (28 with score of 800)
  • SAT Verbal average: 683 (four with score of 800)
  • SAT Writing average: 707 (six with score of 800)
  • SAT Math and Verbal perfect score of 1600: two students
  • SAT Math, Verbal, Writing perfect score of 2400: one student
  • Youngest freshman: age 17
  • Oldest freshman: age 21