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Acclaimed Alumni Applauded

Four outstanding alumni have been honored as recipients of the inaugural Tepper School Alumni Awards – James Swartz, MSIA’66, Jon Kinol, MSIA’92, Geoffrey Entress, MSIA’88 and Patrick Macedo, MBA’03. The awards were presented on Sunday, September 8, at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Music Hall during the school’s annual Welcome and Awards Reception for students.

“It was a historic evening in the proud history of the Tepper School as we honored four of our outstanding alumni for their incredible career achievements and loyal service to the school and alumni community,” said John Sengenberger, the Tepper School’s executive director of alumni relations.

“This is an incredibly impressive, accomplished and passionate group of alumni to be our inaugural class of award winners. They set a very high bar for future nominees and we hope they will inspire others in their service to their alma mater.”

The Tepper School Alumni Association Board established the new awards to recognize excellence in the alumni community. While Tepper School graduates have often been honored with Carnegie Mellon University alumni awards, the board sought to further celebrate exceptional accomplishments through meaningful recognition by the Tepper School community.

Honorees are as follows:

James Swartz (MSIA’66)

Jim Swartz was presented the Tepper Alumni Achievement Award, given in recognition of professional accomplishment and leadership that reflects the school’s highest values and traditions.

Swartz personifies these qualities through both his exceptional professional career and his commitment to service. The founding partner of Accel Partners, he has served as director of over 50 successful companies and as a lead investor, has been closely involved with the emergence of numerous industry-pioneering firms, receiving the National Venture Capital Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. His forward thinking mindset and ability to identify industry-defining companies demonstrate such Tepper School values as innovation, problem-solving and leadership.

“I am overwhelmed and deeply moved by this award,” said Swartz. “First, I want to thank the donors who provided the scholarships enabling me to come to Carnegie-Mellon – these gifts left an indelible impression. I also want to thank those who taught me – they had a large impact on who I am.”

In addition to his legendary career, Swartz has committed himself to giving back. He has dedicated his unwavering time and support to the Tepper School for over 20 years, currently serving on the Business Board of Advisors and the Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Board and also serves as a student mentor. His personal contributions has made possible both the James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellows Program and the James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Leadership Series.

“I’d also like to acknowledge the role that Jack Thorne played in the lives of all interested in Entrepreneurship,” added Swartz. “Jack encouraged our pursuits and turned a bright light on entrepreneurship for so many. Venture capital is now a well-known industry and entrepreneurial-based businesses have become the economic engine for the world. I have been blessed to be at the center of this transformative experience.”

Jon Kinol (MSIA’92)

Jon Kinol was awarded the 2013 Tepper Alumni Service Awards, given in recognition of volunteer service to the Tepper School community and its alumni organizations.

Kinol has leveraged his stellar Wall Street career to champion the Tepper School as a corporate recruiter, opening doors for literally hundreds of students and alumni. Through 18 years at Deutsche Bank, he rose to become the head of rates trading for North America, one of the organization’s most profitable divisions, and simultaneously helped to establish one of the most successful recruiting relationships in the history of the Tepper School. He greatly enhanced – single-handedly – the Tepper School’s presence in the financial services industry.

He additionally volunteers a significant amount of time as a member of the Tepper School Business Board of Advisors (2007-present), the Masters in Computational Finance Advisory Board (2006-present), hosting Tepper School events and participating on numerous alumni panels in New York City and on campus.

In 2010, Kinol joined Credit Suisse as the global head of interest rate products where he continues to both build on his career accomplishments and establish a strong recruiting and philanthropic relationship between his firm and the university.

Geoff Entress (MSIA’88) 

Geoff Entress, also awarded the 2013 Tepper Alumni Service Award, has an educational background and career as rich as his service to the Tepper School. With both an MBA and law degree, he spent time as an analyst and lawyer before becoming an accomplished venture capitalist and angel investor. A former partner with Madrona Venture Group, he is currently an active information technologies angel investor in the Pacific Northwest.

“I am deeply honored that the Tepper School is giving me this recognition,” said Entress, “especially since I view my service to the school as primarily being in furthering its mission of promoting entrepreneurship, a field I was first exposed to through Professor Jack Thorne’s course in the mid-1980’s.”

Entress’ dedicated service to the Tepper School ranges from his active participation in the Seattle alumni community to his valued work in Pittsburgh. He has been an active member of his alumni chapter, serving as its president from 2005-2007, and hosts frequent events for students and alumni, most notably an annual dinner described as the “highlight” of the Business and Technology Club’s much-anticipated Seattle trek. Along with his significant work with the Don Jones Center, he participates on numerous panel discussions and has mentored many students.

“As a Pittsburgh native, I want to see Pittsburgh thrive and the best way to do that is to create new businesses here,” Entress continued. “As a venture capitalist and angel investor, I want to see the most promising start-ups get funded, but more importantly, be created in the first place. If I can encourage that one student to take the entrepreneurial plunge that creates the next Amazon or Facebook, I will have been successful.”

Patrick Macedo (MBA’03)

Patrick Macedo was awarded the 2013 Tepper Recent Alumni Award for Exceptional Achievement or Service, given to a graduate of the past 10 years in recognition of professional accomplishment and/or service to the Tepper School community.

"I am thrilled and humbled to receive this award,” said Macedo. “The Tepper School has given and continues to give me so much more than I will ever be able to give back. The Tepper community is an endless source of friendships, wisdom and inspiration."

Macedo’s service to the Tepper School began upon graduation. While in the U.S., he served as one of the youngest members of the Tepper School Alumni Board from its inception until his move, and was an active recruiter for Heinz, acting among other things as a regular presenter and interviewer. Macedo spent numerous hours interacting with student clubs, served as an alumni panelist and was a key organizer of his five and ten-year reunions, the latter of which achieved the largest attendance of any in school history. Now in Sao Paulo, he is revitalizing the Tepper School Brazil Alumni Chapter.

In his promising career, Macedo is a marketing manager at Heinz Brazil, having moved back to his native county in 2011 to help develop a recent acquisition into one of the company’s strongest and fastest growing businesses.

“I chose Tepper based on academic excellence but the human relations bonus I received is simply impossible to match,” he stressed. “The academic knowledge I gained, the friendships I continue to make and the continuous support I receive from the Tepper community continue to reassure me that I chose the best business school in the world.”

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