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Research Segmenting Millennial Perspectives Spawns New Executive Education Offering

Unmasking the complexities of the millennial generation, new research conducted by Carnegie Mellon University’s Integrated Innovation Institute is shedding light on the difference in young adults’ perspectives and preferences compared to older generations’ and is helping to define how the millennial population in the U.S. is segmented.

The Millennial Segmentation Study, conducted by Peter Boatwright, the Carnegie Bosch Professor of Marketing at the Tepper School of Business and co-director of the Integrated Innovation Institute, offers key insights into an emerging generation of consumers by examining their beliefs, perspectives on personal and public matters, and purchasing preferences. Findings from this study hold great value for business leaders, designers and marketers of products and services as they seek to understand these consumers.

Infographics recently published by the Institute demonstrate several of the findings relating to topics of religion and spending:

  • Millennials’ Thoughts on Religion and Spirituality
  • What Would Millennials Do With a $1000 Check?

Comprehensive findings from the study will be presented in a two-day executive education program at the Tepper School of Business on June 12-13, 2014, titled Understanding and Marketing to Millennials. This program will be instructed by Boatwright, the lead researcher on the Millennial Segmentation Study, who also teaches in the university’s Master of Integrated Innovation for Products and Services program and is co-author of two books on product design: The Design of Things to Come and Built for Love.

The course, Understanding Marketing to Millennials, is part of the open enrollment programs offered in executive education at the Tepper School of Business.