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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

As Valentine’s Day approaches this week, many social media users will find their feeds filled with anecdotes dedicated to one of the most powerful, sweet and enduring emotions — love.

If you notice an influx of these affectionate updates, it may not only be because of the holiday. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon’s Integrated Innovation Institute have found that Millennials who are in love are more likely to update their Facebook statuses than those who are not in love.

According to the study, approximately two-thirds of adults ages 18 to 32 are currently in love; 41 percent update their Facebook statuses at least weekly, compared with the 34 percent who do not consider themselves to be in love.

Researchers also determined from the poll that more Millennial women than men consider themselves to be in love. Additionally, the study found that 29 percent of Millennials are married; 21 percent are in a relationship; and 5 percent live with their partner. These findings are part of an ongoing study on the Millennial generation.

“This offers a peek into the lives of an often-discussed generation that drives a huge portion of our economy, policies and lifestyle trends,” says Peter Boatwright, co-director of the Integrated Innovation Institute. “We’ve polled 2,000 Millennials to better understand their true values, versus the myths and assumptions that have grown up around the demographic segment.”

For more interesting findings from this study, see the accompanying infographic.

If understanding more about what Millennials value is of interest to you, consider attending the Tepper School’s and Integrated Innovation Institute’s executive education program, “Understanding and Marketing to Millennials,” to be held in June.

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