Our faculty distinguish themselves through an emphasis on excellence in research and teaching, applied and theoretical research, and rigorous analytics that prepare our students for global leadership roles.

Associated Dean Alan Scheller-Wolf

About Our Faculty

Tepper School faculty are known for producing impactful research across a wide range of academic disciplines as well as their commitment to excellence in teaching. Our faculty comprise senior professors, recognized for their contributions to business and public policy as well as an impressive record of academic citations, and energetic young scholars, who currently are creating new avenues for exploring knowledge within an increasingly complex and global marketplace. Our faculty members represent Nobel laureates, organizations representing key management disciplines, editors of top academic journals, and frequent contributors to programs and articles.

The Tepper School faculty has made significant research contributions in every major business field. The integration of academic disciplines both in research and teaching is a hallmark of Tepper School faculty, including work with colleagues at other world-class schools at Carnegie Mellon University. This culture of collaboration creates a unique knowledge-based environment and offers new opportunities for expanding knowledge through a unique ecosystem of cross-campus collaboration. 

The school’s faculty operates as small, closely-knit unit and as an integral part of the greater Tepper School community of students and alumni. We maintain one of the best faculty-to-student ratios of any Top 20 business school -1:5.  Faculty members are well-grounded in the fundamentals of business and serve as consultants and advisors to businesses, agencies, international organizations, and national governments. These experiences, along with ongoing research, all translate in to the school’s classrooms creating an unparalleled experience for students.